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[Released] Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me (1992) Extended Blue Rose Cut
Ok, posting a few of my projects here, starting with this one, which was my very first. 

I did this a few years ago (2015, 2017, can't remember exactly), and I've shared it with quite a few people, so it's been online for some time. 
As a major Twin Peaks fan, I was over the moon when the deleted scenes of FWWM finally came to light. It's been a dream of mine to watch a full extended cut of the film since I read the shooting script for the first time.
I remember reading Lynch had no desire to change the film and include the scenes, so it was time to learn a few things about video editing and create my own extended cut. 

In the meantime, a Twin Peaks fan that uses the name 'Q2' and has many Lynch related fan projects released his extended cut and was very much praised by the TP community. I remember thinking "Great, someone else did this, someone who knows how to do these things" so I went after it, watched it, and...I didn't like it. I mean, it was basically the same stuff I was planning to do, but I don't think all the deleted material should be incorporated back into the film. Some scenes (at least to me) only work as a bonus, they deviate too much from the main story, some scenes needed to be shortened, anyway, it needed some polishing and it could be better. 
So I said what the hell, I'm gonna do this and if it turns out bad, I'll just delete it and learn to enjoy Q2's edit. 
Well, it was a lot of work but I finished it and was very satisfied with it. 

List of scenes that made the cut: 
  • Chet and Sam talking to Jack about Teresa Banks (extended scene)
  • Sunrise with power lines (deleted)
  • Fight between Chet and Cable (deleted)
  • Cooper chatting with Diane (deleted)
  • Phillip Jeffries arriving at the Palm Deluxe in Buenos Aires (deleted)
  • Full Jeffries appearance at the FBI (extended)
  • Full ‘above convenience store’ reunion (extended)
  • Full Jeffries disappearance from the FBI (extended)
  • Jeffries reappearing at the Palm Deluxe (deleted)
  • Cooper questioning Sam about Chet (deleted)
  • Bobby and Mike chatting in car, messing with Donna and Laura (extended)
  • Laura running into her mom at the door, asking for keys (deleted)
  • Laura gets home, Sarah questions where she was (deleted)
  • Palmer dinner scene, Leland teaches Sarah and Laura to speak norwegian (deleted)
  • Laura meets trucker by the road (deleted)
  • Ed and Nadine enter the RR, Nadine storms off, Ed runs after her (deleted)
  • Donna calms Laura down, Doc Hayward plays magic tricks, they eat muffins, Leland calls Laura (deleted)
  • LMFAP shows Cooper the ring, asks if it’s future or past (extended)
  • Leo shows Shelly how to clean the floor (extended)
  • Ed and Norma talk in Ed’s truck (deleted)
  • Tommy and Buck drive Laura and Donna across the border to “The Power and the Glory” (deleted)
  • Phillip Gerard/Mike chants by a circle of candles (deleted)
  • Leland calls Teresa (extended)
  • Teresa tells Laura and Ronette “the guy split”, Laura notices her ring, Teresa calls Jacques then Leland (deleted)
  • Laura opens her diary and snorts some coke (extended)
  • Bobby gives Laura the money, discovers the coke is actually laxative (deleted)
  • Jacoby phones Laura (deleted)
  • Laura and Sarah have dinner, Laura says she’s going to Bobby’s (deleted)
  • Garland reads from the bible, Betty opens the door to Laura (deleted)
  • Laura meets Bobby in the basement (extended)
  • Bobby walks Laura to the door, Garland keeps reading (deleted)
  • Leland arrives home and sees Laura hiding behind bush (deleted)
  • The nurses rush Annie in a stretcher (deleted)
  • Cooper questions LMFAP about the ring, realizes he’s trapped (deleted)
  • Annie repeats her words to Laura. The nurse takes her ring (deleted)
  • Doc Hayward and Truman break in and find Cooper on the floor (deleted)

Also added a few title cards not present in the TC. Here's a sample: 

Now about the quality of the file. Unfortunately I had a HDD crash back in the day before I could export the final version of the edit and I lost everything I'd done  Undecided 
It was really heartbreaking after so much work, but at least I had a surviving backup version that I'd saved in lower quality just to make a full inspect before the final export. Mind you, it's not in low quality, it's 1080p, but since I used the H264 codec in Adobe Premiere to compress the file you can see the bad compression. Also, the volume of the audio is all over the place. Some of the deleted scenes have much lower volume (they're like this in the Bluray as well, don't ask me why). I was planning to correct this before the crash.  

Anyway, it's not pristine quality like some of the stuff I see in here, but for a first project I'm very proud of what I did. 

[Image: a8172f33f75d25d2f4f7ec0e085ce838c6fecc7b.jpg]


[Image: tumblr_ouyyaqDp2F1urlrbdo1_540.png]
Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla , Hitcher , HippieDalek , devomk

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