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[In progress] Police Story IV First Strike HDTV fix/reconstruction
(2022-06-13, 11:16 AM)Serums Wrote: Thanks to Yaut for their hard work!

We'll sync the laserdisc audio, maybe the track from Japanese DVD too.
The sound from LD and from JPN DVD are both of poorer quality than on WEB. On the WEB, real stereo.

This is a comparison between the old and the new version.

[Image: ME64DX7_t.png][Image: MEB7GIK_t.png]
[Image: ME64DX6_t.png][Image: MEB7CAW_t.png]
[Image: ME646HC_t.png][Image: MEB7GIQ_t.png]
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The WEB audio is real stereo? Interesting!
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Thanks to IcePrick for pointing this one out to me, 720p at max I'm afraid. Interesting nonetheless.

[Image: JDU0pG3.jpg]

[Image: oKKNF8k.jpg]
Thanks given by: PDB
Great Project! Are you done with that?
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Pretty sure the OG audio for this was Dolby Digital 5.1, even on the original Hong Kong cut.

Same goes for Mr. Nice Guy.
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(2022-09-12, 06:18 AM)wongfeihung Wrote: Pretty sure the OG audio for this was Dolby Digital 5.1, even on the original Hong Kong cut.

Same goes for Mr. Nice Guy.

After comparing the sound with the new AUS WEB, it turned out that it has a remastered, complete cleaning of the hiss of microphones, restoration of the frequency spectrum, even in a compressed state it is very worthy, Blu Ray may soon appear. I doubt that this is just processing an online service.
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