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Jumanji (1995) Stereo mix & isolated score synced to 4K/Blu-ray
I simply took the stereo mix and isolated score from the old DVD and synced it to the remastered Blu-ray. So it should sync with the 4K release as well, as they were released simultaneously (and bundled) and have the same length. Only difference is the Blu-ray has a 5.1 track and the 4K a 7.1.

I don't know if this was originally released in stereo only, but the 5.1 and 7.1 tracks sound really good actually. The stereo mix has a 'advantage' in that it isn't as loud. Last time i watched it (in 5.1) trough my speakers i needed to adjust the volume constantly when the movie got loud. I guess it could be ideal if you live alone with no neighbors to be found... : )

I converted the stereo track to .wav and the isolated score (which is in 5.1) to .flac with a optional AC3 640kbps file for convenience if you don't want it in flac.

Let me know if you would be interested!
Thanks given by: BDgeek
Jumanji was mixed 5.1 native, but like other big budgeted fare at the time there was an alternate Dolby Stereo analog mix (2 channels that can expand to 4.0 LCRS) made for TV/home video usage and for theaters without digital playback.

I believe the 5.1 track starting with a Superbit(?) DVD was a "near field optimized" remix (of which the 7.1 is also derived from) made from the original stems and master recordings. The original 1997 DVD is based on the LD master and should have the original 5.1 mix in ether a DD or DTS container.
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