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[Released] Gladiator (2000) Cinema DTS to UHD Sync
[Image: MV5BMDliMmNhNDEtODUyOS00MjNlLTgxODEtN2U3...X1000_.jpg]
The Cinema DTS track has now been ripped and synced to the UHD. Thanks to Turisu for sending me the files.
This is for the theatrical cut. I might come back to this and patch in the extended cut audio, so if anyone knows what the best source for that is let me know.

Tech Info
The raw AUD files were converted using the APT-X100 foobar2000 plugin, resampled to 48KHz, and slowed down to 23.976 FPS. Surround's have been lowered -3Db and LFE increased +6Db. Final encode is a BD compatible DTS-HD file, muxing to MKV requires an offset of -21ms. Because of seamless branching issues, for best sync I recommend ripping the disc with MakeMKV with no audio tracks selected then muxing the audio with mkvtoolnix. 
Good stuff Smile. This one is a DTS-ES mix. Did you set the 6.1 Matrixed configuration when you encoded?
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , uVSthem
(2021-12-10, 08:07 PM)Turisu Wrote: Good stuff Smile. This one is a DTS-ES mix. Did you set the 6.1 Matrixed configuration when you encoded?

Crap, didn't know it was ES. I'll re-encode it.
Thanks for letting me know.
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No problem. You can check the serial number in foobar2000 Properties. 4-digit serial is DTS 5.1, 5-digit serial is DTS- ES matrixed 6.1. Wink
Thanks given by: PDB , alleycat
I'm looking forward to the DTS-ES encode.
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(2021-12-12, 01:35 AM)uVSthem Wrote: I'm looking forward to the DTS-ES encode.

Already available, it's a simple flag in the DTS encoder. Thanks to Turisu I was able to re-upload before actually sharing the non ES with anyone.
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