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Apollo 13 Cinema DTS synced to US UHD Blu-ray
Very happy to report that through a generous party, I was finally able to obtain the Cinema DTS track for Apollo 13!

This is a VERY well-done mix.

I'm not sure how it compares to any of the DVD or the LD tracks. The BD track has louder surrounds, and the mix seems more pushed back in that region, (If anybody wants to sync the BD track to the UHD, it's a 53ms delay).

AUD files were converted with foobar2000 apt-x100 plugin, with LFE extraction (no LFE gain in foobar).

Reels slowed to 23.976 using EAC3to and resampled to 48khz with r8brain for disc compatibility.

Surrounds lowered 3db in Audacity during sync process.

The final sync is provided as 5.1 23.976 16bit 48khz (with or without 3db LFE boost).

PM for link!

Note: As my x800m2 that I use for playback doesn't play 24hz files correctly (discs play fine, but files incorrectly play at 23.976 with frame skips), I opted to retime the audio as opposed to remuxing the video (and subsequently needing to speed-up any other audio tracks I'm keeping to 24hz).

Also, boosting the LFE 3db results in clipping. I understand this is common for many mixes. Testing on my system, the version with no LFE boost sounded best/most balanced. So I've provided the final sync as either a 5.1 flac file with no LFE boost, or a 5.1 flac file with 3db LFE boost (with clipping).

Can also provide the raw AUD files for anybody who wants to tackle their own bit-perfect sync!
Nice work! I have synced the BD to the UHD already (preferred that 5.1 to the X remix), but would love to sync this instead and know its the original without question Smile
Currently looking for LD audio (synced or raw) of:
Animal House | Batman and Robin | Coming to America | A Few Good Men | Field of Dreams | Goodfellas | The Goonies | Gremlins | Jaws | The Lost Boys | Pet Sematary | Reservoir Dogs | Star Trek 1 thru 6
Thanks given by: onlysleeping23
Wow that's amazing, this and the lost IMAX mix are some of the best mixes of the 90s.
Thanks given by: onlysleeping23
Awesome, I'm not sure if anyone saved the IMAX edit that is available on DVD. I need to check it out.
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It's about, just sad it's stuck at dvd quality
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