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[In progress] Dune (2021): Kwisatz Haderach - Part One
[Image: dune-kh-part-1-poster.png]

Project Info

Dune: Kwisatz Haderach - Part One is an experimental recut of Dune: Part One. Running at 155 minutes, Dune: Part One was written and filmed as the first half of an adaptation of Frank Herbert's 1965 epic science fiction novel, Dune. As the subtitle of this fanedit translates to, faneditor kidjupiter92 intends on "shortening the way" of the film, attempting to still present a cohesive and digestible story in a 100 to 120 minute runtime. This project is also intended to be the first of a three-part project consisting of Dune: Kwisatz Haderach - Part One, Dune: Kwisatz Haderach - Part Two (a similar trim down of the upcoming Dune: Part Two), and Dune: Kwisatz Haderach - The Complete Cut.

Video: The Italian UHD Blu-ray release of Dune: Part One will be used.

Audio: TBA

Screencaps: TBA

Status: WIP. Assembly in progress.
Thanks given by: PDB

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