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[Help] Hard Drive Recommendations
(2023-01-21, 09:12 AM)Stamper Wrote: Thanks, yes, I'm thinking of building a raid system, that might be more sensible in the future. Now the Mega solution, of buying 20tb of space a month, also can help preserving files. The main problem, as you probably have figured it, is that forum projects take up the most of all this data.

16tb as Mega is $32.50/month or almost $400/year...that'll buy you a few 12tb+ HDD every year. You do need toa figure power usage, maintenence etc, but having the data at home is easier and quicker to manage than on the cloud, especially with giant files (granted I only have Xfinity as an option with crap upload speed). I have a cheap-ish Terramaster 5bay NAS but really wanna move to something larger like unraid in a desktop chassis. I'm maxed out at 5x12tb in raid-10 right now.
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I'll look into that, but I don't need storage that is wired 24/24. I just need stockage I can pull when necessary.
Plus, in case of say, a burglary, you know the thieves will get anything that is computer and hard drive.
Or let's say the building burn!
Having an extra copy in a cloud is costly, but then your data is still out there to retrieve, vs being lost.
We never know!
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(2023-01-21, 09:12 AM)Stamper Wrote: as you probably have figured it, is that forum projects take up the most of all this data.

shame there's no one dedicated to archiving these things
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(2023-01-21, 03:31 PM)stwd4nder2 Wrote: shame there's no one dedicated to archiving these things

As others, I only keep the films project that matters to me, but usually, divided between everyone, one project always can be recovered even when the original maker lost it in a drive crash.
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Thread bounce.
So I got my old stuff back, Seagate restored it and sent it to me in a 4tb HDD + a replacement for my failed 5tb drive.
However they sent me the cheap version of the 5tb in silver, not space grey.
Anyway, I copied all the stuff to another HDD I just bought recently, that is under Seagate warranty.
I tried Backblaze for a year, and this is a bore. Even with 1 year save on and billed, they don't get when you copy stuff to another drive and resell or delete one, also you get 5 pops up a day when you don't link your HDD every 10 days.
As I have about 12 HDD, this is impossible to deal peacefully, and uploading 5tb of stuff take days even with my internet speed.
So I canceled Backblaze.

Next, I'm going to just buy two 16tb HDDs and duplicate everything I have.
Then resell my LaCie HDDs every two years and get new one so that they are still under warranty in case of a fail.
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