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[Idea] Correcting field blended video with Topaz Video AI
Has anyone tried this method? Seeing the sites description, it's understandable that (even on the latest greatest hardware) all the 4/6k upscale processing can take several days if not months depending on the length of the footage. However, just using the motion interpolation parameters and outputting at original resolution with no upscaling would be very useful for correcting field blended sources, not to mention drastically reducing the rendering times.
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I tried it for some badly field-blended Hong Kong DVDs a couple months ago. Ones, I assume, that were transferred to PAL and the converted to NTSC poorly.

Frankly, it didn't seem to produce results that were useful. I still had interlaced/combed frames all over the place.

But that was with what I had, maybe different DVDs might have different results?
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I recently tried Topaz myself to experiment with just fixing field blended sources. A 10 frame preview (which took about 30 mins with my so-so specs) suggested it can barely deblend without leaving strange artifacts.

I have heard Avisynth can do wonders with undoing field blending. However, I had tried learning it in the past and I get plugins and scripts that had odd requirements and dead links. The Avisynth snobs I communicated with won't give me a simple step by step and spew out unhelpful jargon while expecting me to untangle it all.

If anyone can give me a detailed step by step using Avisynth and plugins, the better.
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Do you mean step by step on how to use avisynth in general or how to specifically ivtc/fix blended fields in avisynth?
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