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[Released] [metahades] Akira (Акира) - Bulgarian voice-over - PCM 2.0-48kHz (Island World Video
Contact us for a copy, PM or: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U

Voice-over: Krasimir Nyagolov

When we were looking for the Hong Kong Laserdisc, Danail approached us, asking if we were interested in getting a voice-over for the project, it was something that took us by surprise, because in our research, we didn't get this material anywhere, We can't even see it on any page that details who did it, or if it really existed. This voice-over practice is quite popular in the communist bloc. Thanks and credits to Danail for this gem.

Clip: https://youtu.be/oimeygbOgfE
Creating definitive collections for the preservation of: Animes, Cartoons, Movies.

Contact us: metahades1889@gmail.com | https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.
Thanks given by:

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