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[Released] [metahades] Akira - Spanish (Argentina) Dub1 (1992) - PCM 1.0 (Transeuropa ArgVHS)
Contact us for a copy, PM or: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U

We bought this capture of the VHS Transeuropa from an Argentine collector, who digitized it and sent us the file. This digitization was carried out in the most optimal conditions.

As of today, it is the version with the highest audio quality existing on the internet for the first dubbing, we attach the audio of the original rip & the audio improvement made by our great SrQesito, for the final version the noise will be reduced by default.

Clip: https://youtu.be/0JxRPcfDXPo
Creating definitive collections for the preservation of: Animes, Cartoons, Movies.

Contact us: metahades1889@gmail.com | https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.
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As many of you may know, Akira is an iconic anime film that has been dubbed into various languages in different countries. I would like to focus on the Argentine version, as it has its own distinctiveness and charm.
For those who have watched the film in Argentine Spanish, what are your thoughts on the dub? Do you feel that it faithfully captured the essence and atmosphere of the original Japanese version? Or do you believe that there were any significant errors or differences in the adaptation?
I would also like to highlight the voice actors who participated in this version. Which performances stood out the most? Who managed to best convey the emotions and personalities of the characters?
Furthermore, if anyone has any interesting anecdotes about the Argentine dub of Akira, please share them here! It's fascinating to learn about the behind-the-scenes details of these dubbed versions.
As always, please remember to be respectful in your comments and enjoy this opportunity to discuss one of the most influential anime films. I look forward to hearing your opinions and anecdotes!
Let the discussion about Akira and its Spanish (Argentina) dub from 1992 begin!
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