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[versions] Blade Runner (1982) White Dragon Cut
As many of you probably know there is a fan version of BR but with added scenes and new artwork.

It is not just BR game scenes and photos added, it is really well done.

Some scenes are posted on YT. You can check out Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5 | Chapter 13 "Leon Hiding on the Ceiling"


The project has been in the making for 12 years by kazuchoice. Evidently a version 5 is scheduled for 2024.

But does anyone have version 4?

To my eye looks incredible and I do not want to wait one year.

Thx for any help

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It's funny that you made this post now, as these days, I am also thinking about the White Dragon cut, and am also interested in seeing it.

I tried to send a message via Kazuchoice's website, but the function appears to be broken, so no joy. Did not feel compelled enough to reach him via YT or something like that...

To my understanding the V5 will be much more different than V4 with even more stuff added, so not sure that V4 at this point would represent what this very talented dude can produce. I would also like to at least have V4, but it will be in low DVD quality, so there is that...

I any case, I am keeping my eye on this man's amazing work (don't like that he opted to include the narration, but I can redo the audio mix, to leave it out, if I ever get blessed with copy of his work, then again I might like Ford's half-assed exposition after all... ).

In the meantime I am in the process of producing my own 4K extended version of BR 1982 (without the freaking yellow-green puke tint of FC), as nobody who did it before included everything in their version, or if they did it would have been a long time ago and in pretty rough quality...
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Thanks for your comments. I did try to reach him at Youtube and other social media. Sent him several emails and posted replies where he himself posted. No luck.

Then I came across someone that knew of Cut 4 and got me a link to a website where a guy in Zagreb had tons of Blade Runner material. He sold me his last copy.

Yes it is DVD and Cut 5 is obviosly better. But it will be released in Nov 2024, or possibly later. And I am not sure how to get a copy then, if at all.

Therefore I took no chanches of missing out and opened my savings account and paid up.

Waiting time now until it gets here :-)
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fanedits should not be sold in any way, shape or form.
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(2023-04-11, 07:27 PM)Plissken1138 Wrote: fanedits should not be sold in any way, shape or form.

Agreed. @TomasVolley please report it.

I've seen some earlier version of this edit and I thought it was total garbage to be honest. The fan effects are terrible, and there's not a single thing about it that improved the movie. It's supplied as a DVD ISO and is not very good quality even for DVD.
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