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[Released] The Parallax View (1974) AMZN WEB-DL Synced to Criterion BD
A hidden gem of 70s political thriller on conspiracy theories and paranoia. Shot by Gordon Willis, the same cinematographer who shot The Godfather two years prior. Highly recommended.

A shame that Criterion filtered away all the bass: Everything below ~70Hz is gone. Moshrom posted an excellent clip as usual: https://blah-ray.blogspot.com/2021/08/th...-1974.html

I've synced the unfiltered track from AMZN WEB-DL to the Criterion BD. Waveform and spectrogram match what Blah-ray showed. In particular, notice how the low frequencies are absent on the Criterion BD's spectrogram, but full of life on the WEB-DL.

Notes on the sync:
  • The WEB-DL looks quite different from the Criterion BD, notably in color timing. I would guess it was encoded from an old DVD master.
  • Frame wise, there are only two diverging points. The first is WEB-DL contains an extra frame (#129883).
  • The second is a minor editing error on Criterion's part. During the epilogue, their frame #141582 is a duplicate of the next frame (#141583). The only difference is that it's not color-corrected and has a green tint that's not present from the next frame until the end of the sequence. Easily visualized here: https://slow.pics/c/F49FoV2L. This frame is absent on the WEB-DL. If you're interested, I've described this in more detail on BR.
  • Again during the epilogue, the dialog is out of sync by > 1 second when the committee announced its findings. This is the case for the Criterion BD, AMZN WEB-DL, and apparently the recent Imprint BD as well. At first I thought the dialog may have been dubbed in post. But after applying a -1300ms delay, it was clear that the dialog matched lip movements. So this must be an error that has gone back for years. I've now fixed it.

Input: E-AC3, 2.0 mono, 224 kbps, 48 kHz
Output: FLAC, 2.0 mono, 573 kbps, 48 kHz, 16 bits

PM me for a link. Enjoy!

[Image: aWCjnWPiRPL47i47nomZVcZugCDOvF_small.jpg]

[Image: T4SkhEm.png]

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