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[Help] Burning Subtitles Location
Hi there, 

While I am sure this question has been asked before or in other communities - I am still stuck with this.

What I am trying to do is "burn in" subtitles to my muxed MKV using Handbrake BUT be able to move the location of the subtitles.

I am aware Handbrake does not let you do this - but what would you suggest the best method to do this? 
Do I need to go into the subtitle files themselves & reposition them in something like "Subtitle Edit" ?

I may have answered my own question - but I am just clarifying if there is a better way or not.

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I don't use handbrake myself. How many subtitles are you talking about - is it an entire movie's worth or just a few select ones? The only time I've done this before is in Premiere, you can import text subtitles and make all sorts of adjustments to the text and position. Not sure how practical it would be if you had an entire movie to do though - when I did it, it was for locations and dates etc.

As far as I'm aware, position (like on some blu rays where text appears on the left or right depending on who is speaking) can only be included on image type subtitles (like .sup) not text (like .srt). My go to .sup encoder is easysup and you can set the positioning on there no problem, but you cannot burn in. Whether you can then import the .sup into handbrake and burn it in there I don't know.
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One can also use Bronan's sub2bd to convert .ass subtitles to .sup, it results in less buggy subtitles than easysup in my experience.

Once you have a .sup file, TSmuxer lets you set a default subtitle track under the "Blu-ray" tab, that might be good enough.

It's also possible to convert a .sup file to .xml + .png files using BDSup2Sub, and then I assume one csan use an image editor to edit the .png files, if detailed edits are needed. Then convert them back to .sup using BDSup2Sub. Although, BDSup2Sub's output can also be a bit buggy.
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Thank you for both of your inputs!

This is for 2 movies, so one is foreign & one with just the occasional foreign language. So either way I will need to do it efficiently.

I will give both these a go & will report back here if I need more info - thank you! Big Grin
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