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Gmail problems
There are currently some problems with e-mails from Fanrestore on google addresses - we most likely got included in some spam list by accident. I tested password reset and the e-mail never arrived, and on another e-mail host the reset link arrived, only in the spam folder. Other e-mail types (registration, thread watch notifications etc) could also be affected.

If you encounter this type of problems, especially with other e-mail providers, please report them here. If you want to reset your password, and the link doesn't arrive, send me an e-mail to admin "AT" fanrestore.com - obviously you need to use the same address you are registered with
Thanks given by: PDB
The password reset e-mail arrived for me after a couple hours (gmail) - so your mileage may vary
Thanks given by:
email notifications for PMs seem to be delayed by about 7 hours for me
Thanks given by: Feallan

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