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RIP Ray Stevenson
Avatar 4K BluRay finally coming -
Sucks there's no 4k+3D combo
Great now do the Abyss and True Lies
It's good there's going to be a 3D blu, it was pretty incredible in 3D at the cinema, especially the underwater scenes
@stwd4nder2 that seems like a cash grab, and surely they considered it. Now u gotta buy both
4K + 3D is available in Japan.
@Stamper of both movies?
if you can watch 3d at home then I can't see why you would want the 4k, as it's a true 3d built-from-the-ground-up movie. If it was an older film that had been 3d converted then i would get why you might want 4k as well
the atmos is exclusive to the 4k, so if you wanted to have the 3D + atmos you'd have to buy it twice
It was the same for Gravity. Luckily (for me) I dont do atmos
@Bilbofett no, just AVTR 2. AVTR 1 remastered doesn't get a 3D version anywhere... yet!
3D is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
@Endocryne my friend is predicting a late summer release of Conan UHD
Tough one here: getting interference on my S-Video in on my Diamond VC500 USB capture card.. The composite (RCA) in does NOT have the interference.. -Replaced cables, that didn't do it. -Moved the card around to different ports, nothing changed. -Tried turning off every device in my room.. nothing. -Uninstalled/reinstalled the driver.. still not resolved. -Tried 3 different capture programs. -Even replaced the cap card w/ an identical brand new one.. same problem. I don't get it. It worked a few months ago flawlessly in Win10 x64. I don't know whats changed?? Note: its not RGB aura lights (they're off just like they were 6 months ago when I last capped. Its not the wall outlet either, tried that. Nor the lights in the room.. same lights as last time.
maybe it's the source causing issues?
its not, I said the composite out works fine. When I take that composite out into the S-Video in on the card, then I get the interference. The composite in on the card is a clean signal, even from S-Vid out from the LD.
So both the composite out on your device and composite in on your capture card are clean, but S-Video out to S-Video in gets you interference? Or is some adapter in place? FWIW when I was capturing VHS tapes a couple years ago, I used some chinese USB capture card and a VCR with SCART->S-video adapter. When the adapter was plugged in (just plugged in, not even connected to anything else) I got a lot of interference when capturing audio from the separate line out
Nightbreed UHD on its way from Shout, but only the Theatrical Cut is 4K and no Cabal Cut
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