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American Werewolf in London (1981) - Original Mono from WS LD
The movie got re-released by Universal in a new "Restored" version.
However that only goes for the video. Unfortnatly Universal didn't see
any reason to include the original mono mix of the movie. So it's our
only change to get it from the LaserDisc. I'd say the best version would be
the widescreen edition -> LD-15101-WS

Anyone has this baby at hand and could provide a bit-perfect capture?
If possible with captured video, to make the sync easier.

For more information about the 2016 restored Blu-ray release, look here.

Thanks in advance Smile
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Doombot is already on it
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Damn skippy Tongue

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Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon
Awesome Big Grin
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Is this still in the works? Smile Just put in the new BD on tonight and remembered this project.

Also, is the original Artisan 5.1 worth obtaining and preserving? I believe it predates the additional sound effects in the current remix.

EDIT: Worth saying, that I'm thinking of making a custom with grain plate added. Smile The disc, while preserving a good portion of the extraordinary detail of a 6K scan is far too smooth, apparently filtered during the encoding process.

I believe the first BD release had fake grain added? Either way, it was very noisy.
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I have the PAL VHS which I mean to capture in the new year in the absence of a laserdisc rip.
On a side note film4HD are showing AAWIL (that and Aliens) over the holiday period. I'm going to record them to see which master they use.
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon
I've checked my recording of American Werewolf in London and it looks to be the original blu master ie grainy with some edge enhancement. It looks pretty good though. The audio is the remix predictably.
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As stated, I'm planning to make a custom Blu-Ray of this flick, using the new remastered BD as basis and hopefully working with some original non-remixed audio. Though the grain is scrubbed, most of the detail is intact, certainly more than the previous release.

Right now, I'm working on color timing.


Seen above, particularly in the whites, the new BD, strangely enough for a new transfer, has a magenta push. So far, I've also restored the cooler, ever so slightly darker palette of the previous version.

That being said, does anyone have any idea what the theatrical color timing was? Looking at trailers, it seems the first BD release, for all its problems, is pretty dead on color-wise.

This early US DVD release is an outlier, but it looks like it's just been tinkered color-wise to be too yellow and noisy, much like many 90s-era Universal transfers.

For reference: http://sd.caps-a-holic.com/vergleich.php?vergleichID=29
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Sorry Aluminum Falcon, just didn't see the new posts here. I was actually going to do the same with grain plate on the new BD release, i agree it's way too smooth unfortunately. The LD is still getting capped and synced to the new BD. If your already working on this, then i'll send you the audio when it's ready. If you wanna take care of the syncing, that's fine too.

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I actually missed an opportunity to see a 35mm at the Castro back in October, because it was a weeknight, and even though I work here, I just never feel up to staying in the city and going out to the Castro after work.

(For example, there's going to be a 35mm of Lifeforce tonight, which I am also going to have to miss out on. And it starts at 9:40, so it would end late, I just can't do that. I'm only ever able to make whatever's on weekends.)

Maybe the AWiL print will show up here again sometime. Those of you in/near L.A. or Austin or anywhere else 35mm still shows up should keep a look out. Even though it almost certainly isn't an original, I bet it's one of those like-new Universal prints I keep encountering, the ones that look so good that I often ponder whether they were struck very recently to replace whatever was lost in the 2008 fire. (e.g., the prints I've seen of The Blues Brothers, American Graffiti, Jaws, E.T., The Thing, They Live, Legend, The Dark Crystal...)
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