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Rogue One color grading
There are avilable online (on youtube and elsewhere) some movie clips from Rogue One; at the moment, the known one seems to be the following:
  • Call Sign (00:31) - 1080p 29.97fps
  • Come Back (00:23) - 1080p 29.97fps
  • Chance of Failure (00:40) - 1080p 23.976fps high bitrate
  • Jyn is Rescued (00:48) - 1080p 23.976fps high bitrate
  • Jyn Rallies The Rebel Alliance (00:21) - 1080p 23.976fps high bitrate
  • Trust Goes Both Ways (00:48) - 1080p 23.976fps high bitrate
  • Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO in Jedha City (00:40) - 720p 59.94fps (from a show)
  • Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO in Jedha desert (00:18) - 1080p 29.97fps (bits & pieces, no usable audio, from SW Celebration 2016)
for a total of about four and half minutes. WOW, we got 2% of the movie in our hands! Big Grin

if the available movie clips are reflecting the final color grading that will be present on future BD (UHDBD/DVD) releases (very likely, indeed), then I must say that it is probably not the same seen in theaters…

Left, movie clip untouched; right, regraded using workprint as reference:

[Image: RO_clip_Vs_regraded.jpg]

Now, it is always possible that the workprint has wrong colors, but I do seem to remember they are quite the same seen on the big screen, and you?
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(2016-12-28, 02:45 AM)spoRv Wrote: Now, it is always possible that the workprint has wrong colors, but I do seem to remember they are quite the same seen on the big screen, and you?

I think so too. Your regrade fits what I saw in the theater quite well. I paid close attention to the colors and think that overall the film was (compared to many modern blockbusters) relatively neutral in grade with, if anything, something of a warm, yellow look. It will be interesting to see what the BD looks like.
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Forgot to mention: during the color grading test, I left increased saturation on (instead off, because I forgot to add a mere # in front of it in the avisynth script...); so, even if the graiding is overall correct, the saturation is too high.

Let's wait for the BD - but I'm pretty sure it will have the same colors of the officially released clips - that I strongly suspect are picked up directly from the master that will be used for the BD/UHDBD...
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Yeah, I noticed that the saturation was too high. It's especially apparent in the first and sixth images.
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