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general thoughts on color grading
Again? Yep!  Big Grin

I think there is a general consensus that, using a negative as master, then regrade it digitally, is not possible to achieve the same color fidelity than, for example, using an interpositive (or a release print).

Of course, using the negative would retain the best resolution possible (6K or maybe also 8K).

The best choice, IMHO, would be to use the negative for the luma, and an interpositive (or several release prints, median'ed and/or averaged) for chroma.

Am I wrong? If not, why don't they do that? Colors would be closest to the theatrical prints, and I'm pretty sure it will be easier than color grading digitally the negative - don't know how much would it cost to scan both negative and interpositive, but I don't think would cost much than the negative scan + all that time spent to regrade it (with imperfect results, too)...

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Totally agree, alas studios only work one way, that is they transfer, then color correct as they can.
Your ideas are too advanced for them.
Nonetheless, your right. Consideration should be made that both sources are aligned at the scan stage. Shouldn't be too hard! Use the framing in full as guide!
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Studios should be using correctly timed and well maintained answer prints for colour reference.
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No time. I witnessed, one day I was visiting, a major studio 2K scan facility with people at work.
The guys had to scan, then color time 3 films a day. They were opened 24/24. Three guys for each 8 hours session.
Once the scan is done, each guy as 8 hours to color time the whole movie.
No more, or they will be in overtime, and it will cost too much.
That's it.
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Just 8 hours to color time a whole movie?

Now I can understand why most of the times colors are off... maybe one of us could be hired to make the same job, in the same time, but with better results... Wink
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The guys doing the color time are very good, and they do new films on their other time... the only problem is, time is limited. Mind you, that's one major, other majors spend more time with back catalogue remasters.
Now, this was in the DVD days. They were remastering round the clock to release DVDs to make profit.
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