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[In progress] Alien saga [Fundamental Collection]
Time to announce the mysterious first four titles of the Fundamental Collection... they are, of course:
  • Alien
  • Aliens
  • Alien³
  • Alien: Resurrection
Projects consist mainly in the color regrade of the high definition source, using laserdiscs as color references; usual five languages and subtitles would be added.

I used the D-Theater as main source, and BD as second source, because the D-Theater was the Director’s Cut. Video is a bit wider than BD, and, after a careful cleaning, it retains more details, too. I used the PAL UK laserdisc as it used a distinctly different master; now, for example, the Ash head scene is green, and should be closer to the film colors.
as you can see, most of the shots have a wider image in comparison to the BD, except the ones shorter or not present in the theatrical cut

BD as the only source, PAL UK laserdisc as color reference; as the LD was the Special Edition, I did all the needed steps to put it in sync with the theatrical cut; I have decided to use a brief (3s) shot from laserdisc, because is different from BD.
no more “mono-green-tint” now!

BD as the only source, PAL UK laserdisc as color reference; LD colors are warmer and they seems to be color accurate - for example, it’s still blue out of the window in the second scene in Andrews’ office, as in the first one, while in the BD it’s greyish; also, the slight pink shift present in the BD is not there in the LD.
pink tint gone

Alien: Resurrection
BD as the only source, DTS NTSC US laserdisc as color reference; it seems this laserdisc, as well as the THX AC3 and earlier DVD, used a silver retention processed print as source or as color reference; colors are warmer, and no sign of the quite heavy pink shift present in the BD.
pink tint gone as well; increased contrast, and color variations are fixed - note for example the water in the 5th row and Call’s skin in the 6th one

Note: all versions are the theatrical cuts.

Status: all video lossless encoded; waiting to obtain the missing foreign tracks to calculate the right bitrate for the lossy encodes.
Alien comparison "at a glance": http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/205713

Top BD, bottom Fundamental Collection:

[Image: comparison_alien1_bd_fc.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Aliens comparison "at a glance": http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/205714

Top BD, bottom Fundamental Collection:

[Image: comparison_alien2_bd_fc.jpg]
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Alien³ comparison "at a glance": http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/205715

Top BD, bottom Fundamental Collection:

[Image: comparison_alien3_bd_fc.jpg]
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Alien: Resurrection comparison "at a glance": http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/205716

Top BD, bottom Fundamental Collection:

[Image: comparison_alien4_bd_fc.jpg]
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Interesting, what is the shot in ALIENS which differs between both versions?
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It's the one where the shuttle, remotely piloted by Bishop, arrives to the planet, just before the landing.
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Interesting, I knew some of the SE shots were made like in 1990, but I never noticed this one differed. I don't watch the film often anyway.
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I have the DVD DTS audio from the Japan Quadrilogy of the theatrical cuts if wanted.
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I've seen Aliens on 35mm and 70mm. Closest from memory regarding colour and look was the USA THX laserdisc. I think DVDMike was at the same showing as me and came to the same conclusion.
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