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[Released] Aliens (1986) [Fundamental Collection™ #002]
Aliens (1986) [Fundamental Collection™ #002]

[Image: Aliens_cover.jpg]

From the back cover: “Latest Blu-ray editions of “Aliens” have very good resolution, but they received a new color treatment, and almost everything is green tinted… In this edition, we used the same master found in the PAL LD, taken from the interpositive, as color reference, using our proprietary technique ColourMatch™.

We also added the usual multiple languages tracks – English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – along with an English commentary as special bonus tracks; subtitles for all the languages, plus French, German and Italian for the commentary.”

Screenshot comparison: top Blu-ray, bottom Fundamental Collection

[Image: Aliens_006727.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_013246.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_090485.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_128703.jpg]

Technical data


Blu-ray (BD-25)


1080p High-Definition
widescreen 1.85:1 original aspect ratio
framerate 23.976fps
AVC encoded 16.5mpbs avg bitrate, 38.5mpbs max


DTS 5.1: English, French, German, Italian
DD 5.1: Spanish
Bonus tracks: DD 2.0 English commentary


Full: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Commentary: French, German, Italian


2K master from original negative for main video; LD master from interpositive used as color reference with acclaimed ColourMatch™ regrading technique

Release date: 2017-04-19

The whole movie in an image:
(2017-04-27, 10:20 PM)Stamper (in another thread) Wrote: The film is in-between the LDs and Blu.

As Stamper seems to be one of the few who has watched the film in the theater several times, both in 35mm and 70mm, I think he knows more than anyone else how Aliens should look like... so, I tested it, merging both BD and FC 50/50, and result is interesting - green from BD is gone, as magenta from FC (most of this retained from LD); still, the LD colors "spirit" is still there, only more balanced.

Screenshot comparisons: top BD, mid 50/50, bottom FC:

[Image: Aliens_BD_mix_FC_006727.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_BD_mix_FC_013246.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_BD_mix_FC_090485.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_BD_mix_FC_128703.jpg]

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Never seen this in the theatre, but 50/50 looks most pleasing to my eyes.
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Ah yes you nailed it! For televisions, Cameron always tweaked his masters to make them look good on tube screen.
I think 50/50 is interesting it loses the red tint from the LD and VHS, and has that cyan look without being exagerated like on the Blu-ray.
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50/50 looks very nice
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Why not double the bitrate? It would retain more details Smile

Anyway, it looks pretty good. Any chance we can get this outside of the usual place?
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The bitrate chosen was very good, but for this version I increased it 10%; it would be in the usual place ASAP; and, don't worry, in few days it will be in another places - like the other projects! Big Grin
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(2017-04-29, 03:52 AM)spoRv Wrote:

I really loved this color correction, the original blu-ray seemed off to me, you did a great job spoRv, i definitely need to check out v2 soon  Smile
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Thanks a lot! Yep, you do need to do that! Wink
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