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[Proposal] Interstellar - BluRay "inspired by" 70mm
Inspired by idea of this OT thread, and from the 70mm film frame found there, and because I'm tinkering a lot with color grading lately, I've decide to give it a go...

[Image: Interstellar_comparison1.jpg]

[Image: Interstellar_comparison2.jpg]

The colormatched version found in the middle is produced, according to the original poster, using the LUT obtained by Dr. Dre's tool; the matched frame is almost perfect, while this result is a quite a bit far from it... maybe it's due to an old version? dunno... my "inspired" version is closer.

Why "inspired by 70mm"? Because at first I tried to get an image as close as possible to the film frame; but, when I reached an almost perfect result, even if it worked well for the same scene, it worked not so well in many other ones - in particular, clipped whites problem. So, I decided for a compromise, and this time it works very well with the whole movie - still got to watch it all, though, so for the moment the opinion is based on still frames - http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/124259 - and few short clips... let's wait for the whole movie to be regraded and I'll tell you more.

I've briefly compared the HDTV version - which is all 2.40:1 - and, like PDB wrote in another thread, it seems that the IMAX shots are just cropped, more or less perfectly at center... so, I'd add a YAO hack to get a letterbox version.
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I think the 2.35 is a little different. It has a tiny bit on the left and right that 16:9 frame doesn't when I compared the DVD to the BD. Also some shots are tilted up or down for better framing. Very similar to how DK and DKR operated.

To be fair, years ago I did a center cut of DK and DKR and it worked just fine, so your mileage may vary.

Also I saw Interstellar a few times in the theater, including Imax 70/15 and plain old 35mm. There was more green but the movie was very, very yellow, especially on 35.
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Well, the letterbox hacks would be a kind of "bonus" to the ones never happy! Big Grin

I bet they would be unhappy, too, if I'll make the matte for the IMAX shots up or down even by few pixels - I just imagine them saying "oh well, what's the point of having a letterbox version when the frame jumps up and down? It's almost worst than variable aspect ratio!" (using ye olde grumpy man voice works better)

About color grading: never saw it in theater, so I should rely on what others says about it; I remember someone referred you wrote it, but at the same time others seems to remember it quite blue... probably the "sea planet" scene was pretty blue - as the "snowy" one, I presume, where the Earth scenes should be not so blue; in the camrip (again, for what it's worth), the scenes on Earth, especially the one takes outside, are quite different, more natural somehow.
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It's your project so go with what you feel best but overall the BD matches best what I saw.

But Nolan loves teal, green and yellow so you never know.
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Starting to watch it now, but at first sight, it seems there is a lot of orange besides blue, cyan, and green... and, eventually, it would be a fan edit - after all, a single 70mm cell isn't enough for color reference! Happy

A low def version is ready to be encoded if someone is interested - Italian language only, though!
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Saw TV version and the IMAX scenes are 16:9 and not zoomed in, however the other parts are zoomed to fill 16:9. Anyone know if an open-matte version exists?
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Nolan shoots anamorphic 35mm so no open matte unfortunately.
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The HDTV version I saw (HBO, IIRC) was all letterbox. And yep, no open matte version exists... Sad

Finished to watch it right now... still slow, still beatutiful... a bit of "Contact" here, a touch of "2001" there, and the recipe works well!

Colors: despite the fact that, from the comparison before, I was expecting a very cold version, this is not the case; yep, a lot of light blue is there, but I feel it's never out-of-place; the original version is way too magenta; it's possible that just removing this, would bring out the real colors... but the "inspired by 70mm" version is so nice... Happy
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Made a quick comparison with some 70mm cells - the ones that seemed better...

top "inspired by 70mm", middle real 70mm cells, bottom BD:

[Image: interstellar_70mm_film_cells.jpg]

there are a lot, and it's difficult to spot the ones which should be "right"... the latest ones seems properly lighten, and very close to the "inspired" version.

I think the only way to get it right would be to get enough actual cells from different scenes, and scan them with a proper scanner, using the same settings for all. A difficult task, but not impossible.
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"in medio stat virtus": https://diff.pics/eTEcrmW2IQVa/1

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