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[Request] 2001: A Space Odyssey, remastered in 8K from the original 70mm negative
Hello dear friends.

Do you have contacts or knowledge to be able to obtain a capture of the NHK BS8K channel in Japan?

Since 2018, this film and others have been broadcast on that channel, there are only a few days left until the new premiere, if it is not achieved by now, it could still be considered to capture it in the future, in addition, they also broadcast other content in 8K.

I attach the original post, where they mention the 2001 broadcast: A Space Odyssey.


Post in Japanese:
NHK BS8K『8K完全版 2001年宇宙の旅』が5月5日(日)放送。映画史にさん然と輝く、巨匠スタンリー・キューブリック監督の傑作SF映画。70ミリで製作された超大作のオリジナル・ネガをもとに8K化し、修復を行った8K完全版

Chat GPT Translate:
"HK BS8K will broadcast '2001: A Space Odyssey' in its entirety in 8K on May 5th (Sunday). This masterpiece science fiction film directed by the maestro Stanley Kubrick shines brilliantly in film history. Utilizing the original negatives of the epic produced in 70mm, it has been remastered and restored into an 8K complete version.

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That would be very interesting
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Does this channel just upscale 4K discs? Of have they access to original 8K scans finishes?
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What codec/bitrate do they use for broadcasting 8k?
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HEVC and 22.1 surround

It's a native 8k master provided by WB first shown in 2018
Thanks given by: Stamper
I don't think there is any way of recording the broadcasts, I think they have to be watched 'live'.

Japan has been broadcasting 8K in this manner for years now, they've always been way ahead of the rest of the world. They were broadcasting analogue MUSE Hi-Vision in the early 90s when we were only just getting NICAM stereo.
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Anything can be recorded especially over HDMI depending on HDCP flags
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The olympics 8K broadcast was recorded, along with some others (e.g. 72nd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen), so it's definitely possible, but neither equipment nor the encryption crack are publicly available, or widespread at all. I'm only aware of a handful of people who can record NHK 4K/8K, and unfortunately none of them are people I could get in touch with.
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2
meh...don't care about 8k. how the source is actually handled is so much more important. the chances of this looking noticeably better than what we have is slim. would love to hear what it sounds like though.

the best sounding track for 2001 i've heard is the 89 VHS which sounds quite a bit different than every other mix i've heard and is very free of noise reduction.
Thanks given by: Stamper , stwd4nder2 , axeyou
[G158F5509] LD is the best one ive heard so far

id rather just see a new 4k
the grain looks a bit clumpy when you first see the spaceship after the photoshoot scene
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