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[Request] Casino (1995) Open Matte
I'm looking for an additional open matte sources of Casino (1995) - 16:9 or 4:3 at least to make high quality hybrid open matte version with BD overlay and no logos.
Now I have 16:9 HDTVRip Universal HD 720p with pop-up logo and 4:3 low quality DVDRip.
[Image: 095c1e3a15e6879458808cab9bcc151d.png] [Image: 9e6973124716be6cbcdf3910460e3ce1.png] [Image: 201d6b6bb2161f3f64a411c05bf075b6.png]
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I had no idea. I thought this was scope. Wow. I love this film and think its better than Goodfellas. Good luck on your search and I can't wait to see the results.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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Looking forward to this, already have 720p hdtv but quality is nothing to right home about. With a bluray overlay and matching this could look much better. Hoping you find someone who has a personal cap from some obscure foreign tv source to get rid of the occasional logo and / or improve on the 720p, had a look around the usual places (not a member of the Bits so can't check there, have been trying to get in for years) but outside of the hdtv rip haven't come across anything. All my sources of capping have only ever shown the OAR.

On a separate note, would love a new 4k of this with the cut material put back in including the vice eye pop and full baseball bat cornfield's scene. Saw it in this version at the London film festival, both scenes were much more brutal especially the baseball bat scene. Their was a rumor Sky Movies in the UK showed this version when it premiered back in the 90's but this has been disproven by numerous people who either have it or saw it. I don't remember if the bootleg (Lethal Weapon 2 came from a Chinese print which included a decapitation when Mel Gibson is slamming the guy's head with the door which has never been seen again including Dir Cut nor mentioned in any alternative version notes) at the time had it as I believe it may have played in UK cinemas in this version (not 100% on that) but more than likely the bootleg came from a US print anyway where it was always censored.
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Sample shots from hybrid:
[Image: Hybrid015588.png] [Image: Hybrid33633.png] [Image: Hybrid052609.png] [Image: Hybrid055307.png] [Image: Hybrid60553.png] [Image: Hybrid93078.png] [Image: Hybrid097274.png] [Image: Hybrid112712.png] [Image: Hybrid118684.png] [Image: Hybrid239765.png]
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Those screenshots have put a smile on my face, looks better than I could of hoped. I assume the hybrid used the three sources you had or did you come across another. Also I assume you know the Hd-Dvd is superior to the Bluray which is Dnr'ed slightly, any chance you could use that instead for the final release. If you haven't got it, its available over at the ru tracker.

Have watched your Apollo 13 hybrid three times now, loving it.
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I don't have HDDVD transfer. Could you upload it?
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As said its available over at the ru tracker as a remux, also at the Blu place as a hybrid with bluray sound, there is also the French Bluray available there which could be used as another overlay to improve quality. I only have the UK HD-dvd disc somewhere in my collection which is missing the burnt in location subs etc. I assume the one available there is from the US disc. If you can't let me know and I,ll see what I can do.
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There are no seeders at rutracker.
Any comparison screenshots maybe?
According to the bitrate and codec I supposed that they have the same transfer.

upd. One seeder was connected.
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What about at the Blu place, 7 seeders showing there. Also, like said the French disc is there as well which is supposedly better than the US bluray as it is AVC and higher bitrate but not sure if it has Dnr like the US bluray. The HD-dvd definitely doesn't have as much dnr as the US bluray similar to the original The Thing release. It's been discussed at numerous places including caps-a-holic before they removed comments and bluray.com.

Heres a link to screenshots between US bluray and UK HD-dvd:

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I don't know what is blu place. French BD with AVC sounds interesting.
As for that HDDVD it will be downloaded soon.
Anyway we need another open matte source to hide logo at least.
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