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[Help] Running Man 35mm open matte
Hey buddies, I managed to grab on the russian tracker an open matte 35mm scan of Running Man. It looks like it comes from a russia only DVD.

I know it's a scan because it looks nothing like the bad video scan that as existed now for about 20 years, and there are points flashing at the reel changes. It was in Pal so I resynced it at 23.976 both image and audio which was off pitch.

The audio is weird, it's 5.1 but sounds nothing like the Blu-ray / DVD 5.1 and looks mangled but doesn't have the weird effect of the remix where you can hear differences of sources in Arnold's dialogue dubbing and the gunshots sounds OK instead of being in a bin. I fixed the pitch and speed and re-authored in AC3 640kbps.

I think the remix was made from the stems and the separate music because on this version the music sounds nearly mono whereas it's spacious stereo on the remix.

I would be happy if someone take my work as is now and resync the Dolby Surround track from the Olive Blu-ray (which I don't have), and also the french track plus subs. PM and I'll send you a link when I up it later tonight.

Here are some grabs: You can see the old scan isn't has clipped in the whites as the DVD/Blu, in fact this old scan looks like I remembered the movie. The crap DVDs and Blu-ray look like it was shot on DV video.

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-02-06-16h34m38s320.png]
[Image: vlcsnap-2018-02-06-16h34m06s651.png]

Incidentaly, there is a french version with localised intro that has been on youtube for years and is never disturbed. It looks to me this movie might be in legal limbo in France due to the plagiarism trial by the french director who did the film adaptation Le Prix Du Danger based on the novel Stephen King also took inspiration from.

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Well you must be very proud of yourself.

Sorry, couldn't resist, given the the shot you used there, lol.
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Hahaaaa Excellent, that film is full of great one liners
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"That hit the spot!" I'm interested, sure. I guess I could work on French subtitles for that.
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Who's Mr Spock? LOL
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Favorite Arnold quote of all time. (Warning: Language NSFW)

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I read an interview of the writer where he says the fake Arnold death was changed at the editing stage after the test screenings. Initially Arnold gets killed and we the audience are astounded he is dead. Then we discover it's a trick with face swapping.
He says you can reedit it with the DVD... I wonder if we should do it to improve the film and fix it back. (that should be removing the moment where they say "let's try the face swapping" before we see it actually happening).
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Eh, I thought Arnold and Maria reacting to seeing themselves 'killed' was pretty funny "Damn that Killian!!", lol). Plus we wouldn't have the 'gearing up' montage leading to Arnold's charge into the showroom. "It's showtime!!"
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You didn't get it, it's just that the information is given in advance to the viewer via dubbing Killian's voice. Originaly, we the audience doesn't know the death of Arnold is fake. The rest of the film plays the same.
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It doesn't look that great. On top of being SD only, it plays jolting on my mediaplayer. Maybe it'd play smoother encoded progressive, but that'd be still SD. Unless using it as a source to color correct the current HD master, I don't see the point of that video.
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