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[Released] Empire Strikes Back Grindhouse GOUT-synced + all Despecialized audio tracks
I don't feel like this is big enough of a thing to justify calling a "Complete project", but neither is it really a Bonus feature, so not sure where else to post it. Feel free to move it elsewhere. Smile

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 1980 1080p 35mm Renegade Grindhouse v1 GOUT-synced
Includes all the audio tracks from the Despecialized Edition v2!

This is based on the following release: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 1080p 35mm PCM Renegade Grindhouse v1 x264

The video was (almost) losslessly synced to the GOUT, based on Chewtobacca's GOUT syncs, and all audio tracks and subtitles from the Despecialized edition were muxed in.

The only GOUT synced scan - to my knowledge - so far has been the Dreamastered version, but I personally prefer the untouched colors. I didn't want to reencode and further degrade the quality, so I used TMPGEnc Smart Renderer 5 to almost losslessly sync the original video stream to the GOUT. The only reencoding took place at the splits/cuts, of which there are around 20 spread across the movie. This means that virtually all of this movie is, in terms of quality, 1:1 identical to the original release.

At the cutpoints there is a very slight discoloration due to some color space issues I had, but it only affects looped static frames and should be virtually unnoticeable. 

The original 35mm optical audio was automatically synced as well. Areas where the film scan contained no frames and thus no audio (those were looped) were automatically filled with silence.

Thanks to the synced output I was able to mux in all the audio tracks from the Despecialized Edition v2. This includes the 5.1 by Hairy_Hen, the original Dolby Stereo from Laserdisc PCM tracks and the 16mm mono mix and several other tracks, including other languages. (I hope I got it right. Check the Despecialized Edition v2 for more details)

The DTS-HD MA tracks were losslessly transcoded to FLAC, as was the PCM track, to keep file size low. Quality is identical. 

The subtitles that were included in the Despecialized Edition were all muxed into the mkv for your convenience. 

I also created a Dolby Headphone track from Hairy_Hen's 5.1 mix using foobar2000 and included this as lossless FLAC as well. Made sure there was no clipping, of course. Enjoy, headphone enthusiasts!

Credit goes to the people who made the Grindhouse scan available and who put in the meticulous effort to prepare all the audio and subtitle tracks! Thanks!

To be found on Blutopia.
Thanks given by: applesandrice

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