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[Request] Police Story 1 and 2 Eureka Regrade
The Police Story 1 and 2 blu-ray set will be out on Monday. But I found out when I read the reviews at Blu-ray.com the color grading is wrong. It's from the same restoration team who did the A Better Tomorrow trilogy. Could anybody do a regrade of these films using the best color wise copies available?
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I already have both parts, the quality is very good!
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I guess the first question I have is what is the best color reference to regrade to?

I think every copy of ps1 and 2 I have look different
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(2018-08-19, 05:18 PM)PDB Wrote: I guess the first question I have is what is the best color reference to regrade to?

I think every copy of ps1 and 2 I have look different

For PS1, I suggest looking into the HD japanese cut.

For PS2, look into the SD Hong Kong cut.

If you don't like the way it looks, look into the Hong Kong Legends DVD's.
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or maybe the IVL DVD's.
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I haven't received my box set yet, but judging by screenshots, PS1 looks very good to me, albeit with a slight yellow push. PS2 has more of the typical L'immagine Ritrovata look, but it's not the worst looking thing they've put out.

Does anybody have the Hong Kong VCDs of these movies? I think they might be sourced from HK film prints. They could possibly be a good color reference.
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