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[Proposal] Sleepy Hollow (1999) - UAR + 35mm regrade
Out of the blue, I've decided that maybe Sleepy Hollow could deserve a project... UAR, then regraded taking the 35mm as reference:

(2018-04-23, 07:51 PM)maksnew Wrote: [Image: 4df857781950013.png] [Image: dc8941781950063.png] [Image: f77fb6781950043.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-21-11-51-850_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-17-17-258_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-18-50-846_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-19-48-014_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-20-18-981_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-21-15-509_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-22-11-251_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-24-19-039_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-25-20-179_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-27-46-128_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-28-36-247_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-30-04-234_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-32-04-076_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-35-15-182_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-36-36-119_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-37-25-697_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-38-19-758_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-39-07-555_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-40-05-650_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-41-07-784_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-42-03-408_com.m...er.pro.png] [Image: Screenshot_2018-04-23-22-43-02-355_com.m...er.pro.png]

If maksnew could provide the 35mm source I can procede; also, the HNH fullscreen version would be nice, too!

Made a very quick test - there is quite some work to do to put the fullscreen in sync...
Few screenshot comparisons (top BD, bottom UAR):

[Image: Sleepy-Hollow-005380-BD.jpg]
[Image: Sleepy-Hollow-005380-UAR.jpg]

[Image: Sleepy-Hollow-007182-BD.jpg]
[Image: Sleepy-Hollow-007182-UAR.jpg]

[Image: Sleepy-Hollow-007582-BD.jpg]
[Image: Sleepy-Hollow-007582-UAR.jpg]

EDIT: because sadly the 35mm version is lost, and also it has its own problem, I tried to use my filmicmood method to "filmize" this movie; result is nice, altough it could not be deemed faithful to the film print.

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Nice! Good luck with this spoRv. I was going to do a 35mm grade also but never got around to it (also which print timing to use).

Didn't know there was a open matte.
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Unfortunately, I lost my 35mm copy, along with an external drive, I did not manage to save it in the cloud storage. The network still has an HDTV with a large frame content from all sides, compared to different Blu Ray
Thanks given by:
It's so sad the 35mm is lost!!! Sad
Do you remember where you got it, and/or filename, size, other info, so *maybe* is it possible to get it somewhere?

Thanks for the HDTV link, it will be really useful! Ok
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Maybe the German DVD by VCL used a 35mm print as source (not unusual):

difference may seem subtle in most comparison, but you can have an hint on the 6th image, where VCL saturation is quite different; would be nice to get it and make a comparison with BDs - both JP and EU.

EDIT: I tried to loosely got a 35mm "spirit" merging JP and IT BDs' constrast and boosting IT colors
(I guess I went overboard with saturation on some shots, though... Big Grin )
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There are topics on scanning from 35mm film on the site, I would gladly support a materially high-quality 1080p scan
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