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[Proposal] Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - telecine regrade
I always felt HP3 was kinda... "wrong"... then, when I had the chance to get the telecine version, presto! And so, as suspected, its colors was really better - far from perfect, due to the bad quality and process used to capture it, still very similar to trailers, and... "right"! Big Grin

And, because "a picture is worth a thousand words", without much further ado, here you can see an example:

[Image: HP3-regraded-as-TC-090932.jpg]

Oh, how much I prefer the regrade, and you?

BD Vs BD regraded as telecine:

Note: even if there is no open matte version around (AFAIK, but, please, prove me wrong!), it's possible to get an UAR version with very tiny slices of image on top and bottom, thanks to open matte pan&scan WEB version; also, in at least one shot, telecine has a bit more image on a side - dunno if/how can I get it right, but I wanted to let you know.

I have managed to find out a regrade setting (without using another source as a reference) similar to this one, and applied to HP6, and results are quite nice (if there is some interest, it will be matter for a new thread).

Now, questions are: do you like this telecine-based regraded? And, if so, which other episodes need to be eventually regraded, using similar settings (read: snow, clouds, fog should be white-ish and not green blah blah blah)
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon , interaser
Wow... WOW! I have no problems with the movie's "official" colors but this regrade is like a thick blanket has been lifted off, allowing the true colors to shine.
Thanks given by: spoRv
This is fantastic, absolutely great idea! I agree the official version looks off with its weird color and also crushed blacks. But could you use the UHD as a source to avoid any blown highlights/brushed blacks and to have that extra bit of sharpness?
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Interesting. Although I never quite particularly found the BD grading too distracting, I do admit it's heavy-handed, and looking at the provided comparison here, I do actually prefer this over the BD. The only parts I'd say the BD looks better is in the more wooded / nature-esque areas, but not by a huge margin really.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Is there a telecine for HP4? I'd be very interested to know whether the ghosts in the graveyard scene were originally white as in the BD or green as in the UHD.
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Well, I have "only" the BDs at the moment, but it's not excluded I'll use UHDs, BUT... I think they will never match perfectly in a UAR version!

HP4: there is a telecine, but I avoided to get it, as the colors are almost the same of the BD - still, dunno if they are off as in HP3, though!
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It doesn't *have* to be a UAR tho, does it? Blutopia has the UHD Remux btw. Smile
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It does look much better.
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Indeed, watching the preview I thought "WOW!"

UAR: I'm thinking to do that for the whole saga, and because it's possible to do that even for HP3 (albeit only "for few pixels more", most of the time), why not do it? Of course, it will be GREAT to grab the open matte version of it, if only will be possible to find it out (as it exists, according to various trailers, at least only in the negative film form...)
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(2018-11-13, 01:21 PM)spoRv Wrote: UAR: I'm thinking to do that for the whole saga, and because it's possible to do that even for HP3 (albeit only "for few pixels more", most of the time), why not do it?

Of course. I just meant maybe you could at least do one non-UAR version with the UHD as a source for superior quality. Smile

With that said, I believe they actually reused the DI scan from the original Blu Ray, so depending on how your ColorMatch works, I think there's a chance it may even be a candidate for the UAR.
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