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Twin Peaks and Star Trek
I don't know if this is the proper board to post this, but it has to do with Twin Peaks.
I used a remastered clip from the official bluray set, and compared it to one DVD release.
I noticed that the masking was different between the sets, among other details, the timing for one scene in particular seemed to be slightly different, enough to where the audio wasn't in sync.
I have this weird habit of wanting to overly SD footage over it's HD in iMovie.

On the topic of Star Trek, for TOS, is there a LUT available that would give me the colors present on the prior DVD releases?
There seems to be a big difference between the colors in the DVD and the remaster, probably due to LCDs having a different type of backlight in comparison to a CRT.
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I don't suppose you have any screenshots you could post? I'm kind of curious considering how I'm actually in the middle of watching Twin Peaks for the first time currently.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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It's deep in season 2, do you want to be spoiled is the question I need to ask?
Let me know when you're finished with the series, or at least at the beginning of season 3, and I'll share them with you.
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I don't have screencaps, but I have youtube posts, it will be better for you to watch the clips in a video editor to see what I'm talking about.
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