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TNT Network 20 September 6 Star Wars Movies

Starting at 8pm with Phantom Menace if someone would cap them to see if we get something nice for projects.

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Not to be a wet blanket or anything... But isn't there a pretty good chance they would just be the blu-ray versions?
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It is possible.
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One never knows. There's always a chance that someone airs the "wrong" thing and we end up with something expected.
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(2016-09-19, 07:17 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: One never knows. There's always a chance that someone airs the "wrong" thing and we end up with something expected.

This is exactly why I posted it here. I am hoping someone will cap the entire broadcast so we can flip through and see if we end up with any goodies to use.

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Did this get done by anyone?
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I didn't do it but Phantom Menace looked like the same master as the BD
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That was to be expectedSad

Still, there is always that chance that they will show the "wrong" transfer, right? Tongue

Maybe next timeWink
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