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[Request] License to Drive & Johnny Be Good (Laserdisc)

Does anyone have a laserdisc rip of these two films? License to Drive had some alternate music and added dialogue. Johnny Be Good has been ripped apart ever since they changed it back to a PG-13 rating cutting out more of the strip club scene and omitting the entire frat house scene.
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Apparently only the Japanese LD of License to Drive has the original soundtrack. I've been trying to track it down but it seems to be super rare to come across Undecided
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Never heard of alternate dialogues and soundtrack to License to Drive, can you tell me more? I love that film
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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Quote:From LDDB:
The laserdisc contains the Home Video version of the film (same as VHS). This version contains some changes in music and some alternative dialogue. When CBS/Fox video tried to secure music rights for the home video release back in 1989, they had issues obtaining the rights to use Mia Pebbles "Trouble" for use in the video release. They were forced to use an INXS song, but they felt it wasn't justified, so CBS/Fox video decided to make the following changes to justify the home video release:

1. The Party: Les and his friends go to at the beginning of the film where Mercedes breaks up with her boy friend. As her boy friend leaves he pushes a teen out of the way, the guy shouts "Hey, WATCH IT!" is missing.
2. When Les returns to the DMV he almost runs over a girl; he manages to hit the brakes in time. The girl yells "Hey! Slow down, watch where your going you retard!"
3. After Les fails his driving test; just after his mom finds the paper that reads TEST FAILED, we cut in to Les' bedroom where he and his brother are dancing to Pebbles "Trouble" being dubbed to cassette has been changed to INXS' "New Sensation".
4. A short piece of dialogue appears as Natalie and her boyfriend leave to go to a protest; as they pull out the drive way the boyfriends replies; "I'd rather starve" after she asks "would you rather take me grandfathers Cadillac?"
5. When Les picks up Mercedes at her house after sneaking out; the song that originally played as they trot to the car was Pebbles 'Trouble'; but like previous scene in Les' room was changed to INXS' song.
6. When Les and his friends in Grandpa's cadillac are driving to Archies Atomic, they start fighting and crash through a wall, as the car careens out of control when Les drives into a large puddle of water, Dean has a line "Look what you did now" is added -- Charles prays as the car is spinning.
7. In the scene outside Shakeys, where they put Mercedes in the trunk, an ADR added line (laserdisc only) before Les closes the trunk and cut to Archies, Mercedes grabs the blanket and says "Nighty, Night. Daddy."
8. In the sequence where Les jumps over to the Cadillac after the drunk driver takes it, the music playing in the shot in the theatrical release where they see he is out cold is removed.
9. The end credits omit Pebbles music credit for 'trouble', and runs over black background instead of blue.

The Japanese release [SF073-1682] and the region 1 DVD restore the original music and dialogue.

So it looks like the DVD might be an option worst case if we can't track down the Japanese LD.
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Holding onto hope! I have the VHS of this version but would love to have a better copy of it.
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I have a version from Italian TV that is the theatrical cut then. Not sure what version they used for the Italian VHS release.
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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Does anyone have the Region 1 DVD?
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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I heard the 2.0 track on the Anchor Bay R1 DVD is a downfold of the 5.1 remix (itself is a weird sounding mix that tries to separate elements across the channels, but has odd drop outs that still has sounds from the fronts bleed and cut into the back and center channels).
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What about Johnny Be Good? Anybody have a laserdisc rip of that film?
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