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[Request] Peter Pan (1960) LaserDisc/VHS restoration

I am planning on making a custom BD-R ISO file set of all 5 screen adaptations of the 1954 Broadway musical version of Peter Pan in 1080i60, called "Peter Pan: A Broadway Collection."

I was wondering if someone could rip the 1990 LaserDisc or VHS of the 1960 adaptation, deinterlace it with QTGMC in Avisynth+, and restore it to the best of their ability by realigning the misplaced lines, then send it to me, so I could upscale and interpolate it to 1080i60 with Topaz Video AI. The fan restored version that's on YouTube is in poor quality due to the site's awful compression.

And yes, I do have the 1999 DVD by GoodTimes. Unfortunately, it has speed issues compared to the LD and VHS.

My BD-R ISO file set will include the 1955 and 1956 Producers' Showcase adaptations (both taken from the 2015 Video Artists International BD-R, with missing footage from the 1955 adaptation taken from the EarthStation1 Media Outlet DVD+R and added in to that adaptation) both in black and white and colorized in a Java colorization program (with reference for colors from color home video footage and color photos of the 1955 adaptation, a clip of the announcement screen from the 1956 adaptation featured in an NBC color commercial, and parts of the 1960 adaptation), the restored 1960 adaptation, the 2000 adaptation, and the 2014 Live! version. All of the screen adaptations will include English SDH subtitles and English sing-along subtitles, as well as screens with text warning about the racist stereotypes in them before and after the adaptations. The set will also include custom Blu-ray label art made by me and a custom Blu-ray cover requested by me (which was made by a user on EuphoricFX). The 1955-2000 versions will have both the original audio tracks and brand new 5.1 DTS-HD MA upmixes.

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What's in the EarthStation1 version that's not on the one from VAI?
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(2023-12-10, 02:06 PM)Nick_M Wrote: What's in the EarthStation1 version that's not on the one from VAI?

It has additional footage due to being from a different Kinescope print (not the one used for the VAI Blu-ray), such as a bumper with narration after the "I'm Flying" musical number, several commercials near the end, an Emmy Award announcement, Mary Martin giving a farewell to the viewers before sprinkling fairy dust and flying, and the end credits rolling. Unfortunately, the EarthStation1 disc (as is the case with all their releases) is a bootleg.
Thanks given by: Nick_M

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