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Zack Snyder's Justice League
To give it its own thread. It's confirmed:

I just really look forward to seeing this. I'd followed the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement for a little and was fascinated by all the infos about all the things the movie could have been. Didn't doubt the existence of the cut but I did seriously doubt that it would ever be released. Glad to be proven wrong.
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Setting a bad prescient, but I will watch it
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(2020-05-23, 10:50 AM)dvdmike Wrote: Setting a bad prescient, but I will watch it

How come? I think it's great. Imagine we'd never gotten anything but the theatrical cut of Terry Gilliam's Brazil. Wink
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Josh Trank won't get his cut of Fantastic 4 I think.
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Brazil is hardly an equivalent comparison Tom as Gilliam's preferred cut was seen through to completion and released as the International Cut.

FWIW I'm honestly indifferent towards the Snyder Cut, neither a naysayer or a true believer. One positive would be getting Cavill's upper lip back I guess.

Just out of curiosity has The Snyder Cut ever actually been screened to anyone but executives/members of the production, ie on the downlow at conventions/festivals?
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Okay that's fair enough, but still, Director's Cuts releases for the home market later aren't that unusual overall, and this movie really needs it imo.

I think the former, no conventions/festivals, otherwise people wouldn't have been arguing about whether it exists so much. Big Grin
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I don't think anyone doubts that Snyder's cut existed in the sense that he had a structure in place and an edit based on the shooting script, principle photography, pre-vis/storyboards and such, it's just that he left the project long before post-production could create the rest of the elements needed, audio and visual.

The big bone of contention was that there was this fully completed film, ready to be shown to the world that was being held back by WB with all it's corporate might. The recent announcement confirms that this was not the case, but the work is now indeed being undertaken to complete the Snyder Cut with the plan to release it next year (which gives you an idea of how much work is to be done, although I understand he's working on another film at the same time).
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I mean, the article you linked recently does seem to indicate that however it seemed to refer to a bunch of different sources, mainly relying on the one where someone who supposedly saw it said it wasn't done. Short of hearing from Zack himself about the actual current state, I think we don't know. It might be that they are just doing changes to release in series format now.

Even so, I'm not sure the argument was that it was completely 100% finished, but that the cut existed and people wanted to see it. Depending on whom you asked probably.

Either way, just in case it comes across wrong, I don't mean to antagonize anyone over this. I'm just happy it's happening and made a little snide remark about the naysayers, but I was only half serious. Smile
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What I know about the Snyder version's is now 3 different versions.

1. Major changes were done to the script / shooting script while shooting. The biggest one was condensing the original 2 films planned into 1.
I count this as a version, as they had already began principle photography while the changes we're put in place.

2. A version was screened to execs at Warner before pickups ect,  they also called for more reshoots, which Zac Snyder was in-charge of and began.
This was a 3hr version, Post production (effects) would of continued but we're far from complete (it was also eventually also trimmed to 2hrs 20mins at some point)
I think this is 'Snyder Cut' everyone is talking about that has been screened again to cast and crew, with maybe some more finished elements from the continued post while Snyder continued the reshoots.

Depending on how you decipher the information that got out Snyder left the project and Joss Whedon took over.

3. We now have a new version that seems to be going back to earlier assembly cuts and is being broke up / reedited into episodes for HBO Max.
with rehoots, a re score (or original score depending how you look at it) and finishing special effects.

Considering what we know about version 3, and it does indeed follow a episodic route, I honestly think the amount of money they are putting into finishing it suggests it was alot further along than we thought.
There adding in an extra hour from assembly cuts, and even if its character moments, the animation of Cyborg for one would be a significant chunk of money.

I compare it more to what happened with the Donner Cut of Superman 2, but it's 'its own beast' now. 

I will say the comments on it over the inter-webs over the past few days have been very telling.
As somebody who is a fan of Man of Steel (and BVS), I didn't want the DCU to be a Marvel clone!
Although due to fan service anything post Man Of Steel is playing Marvel catch up, and BVS (should of called it Dawn of Justice to be honest) was an attempt to answer Avengers and the MCU in one film. And it suffered majorly for that.
It was the consistent barrage of hate online that caused WB to buckle to the will of the naysayers (BVS was hardly a flop financially), and ruin both Suicide Squad and Justice League by retro fitting to what some over-privileged nerds (not filmmakers of artists) we're writing on there forums.
You can practically see the WB meetings on screen with Suicide Squad and Joss Whedens Justice League is probably one of the worst films I have ever seen.
The argument that somehow in this case, giving into 'fan pressure' sets a dangerous president and will somehow ruin 'art' is laughable considering what happened. 
What a weird world we live in.
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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that BvS was actually a good movie if you're watching the Ultimate Cut with a nice removed yellow filter and slightly adjusted colors. It has, in my opinion, beautiful cinematography and colors and all that gets lost a little bit in the normal release. And it's just an epic movie imo.

The theatrical was rather bad though. I also don't think it's copying the MCU necessarily, at least I wouldn't say that ... you know what, right as I write this I realize that you may have a point. With all the different characters being thrown in there etc. Gotta reevaluate my opinion a little. However it's something I think would have turned out great if Zack was allowed free reign, where I find MCU seriously boring and - at risk of using an overused term - disneyfied. Big Grin
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