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[Released] The Matrix (1999) UHD Regraded
...using film cells as color reference.

Hello guys.

The goal of this regrade was, of course, to make it look like it did back in the theaters in 1999. For color reference I used a collection of Film Cells  although many scenes on the 4K UHD already looked pretty much spot on. Many scenes, but not all.

Important things wrong in the 4K UHD:

- Cyan push/cyan tint. The 4K has an extreme cyan push on some scenes. Way too much saturation that needed to be fixed. Some shots have also a cyan tint like first jump, woman in red, or the rooftop shooting. Based on the cells, those scenes are wrong (actually you don't need film cells to see some scenes are wrong right away...).

- Teal. Yeah, our old friend teal. Many scenes inside the ship are tealized. Not only tealized, but also have a slight blue tint. This has been fixed too.

- Green tint. This is more difficult to see, but it's definitely there. Also fixed.

And of course I did some minor corrections, for color consistency, mainly, also to fix some weird HDR glitches and even to fix a noticeable use of a "power window" for the blue pill...

Why not using the 35mm Version 2 print scan realesed a few years ago as a reference?, you might have wondered. (Gallery -> imgur.com/a/5mTFn)
Here's an interesting comparison between a few sources that speaks for itself:

[Image: matrix-compari.jpg]

Well, as you can see, because it looks like crap. Colors are way off.

Something worth noticing about the film cells is that you can't just match the regrade exactly to what you see on them. There is a red tint, specially noticeable on darker shots, and a handful of them have also wrong whites. But the colors are there. They just need to be balanced before using them as a reference.

Some pics (jpeg): Gallery

[Image: 03.jpg][Image: 04.jpg][Image: 07.jpg][Image: 11.jpg]

[Image: 12.jpg][Image: 14.jpg][Image: 15.jpg][Image: 16.jpg]

[Image: 20.jpg][Image: 21.jpg][Image: 25.jpg][Image: 27.jpg]

[Image: 30.jpg][Image: 34.jpg][Image: 35.jpg][Image: 36.jpg]

[Image: 37.jpg][Image: 41.jpg][Image: 46.jpg][Image: 48.jpg]

[Image: 49.jpg][Image: 54.jpg][Image: 58.jpg][Image: 60.jpg]

[Image: 61.jpg][Image: 62.jpg][Image: 63.jpg][Image: 64.jpg]

It's a SDR release. You can find the tonemapping luts I used on the Star Wars Trilogy Forums. The best one, for the most part of the film, is Lut1.

Quote:VIDEO : HEVC / 3840 x 2160 / 16:9 / 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS / 10 bits / 39.7mb/s / Main 10@L5.1@High / BT.709

  AUDIO 1 : English / TrueHD / ObjectBased/8ch / 4420kb/s / | Original l Atmos |
  AUDIO 2 : English / DTS / 5.1ch / 2498kb/s/1509kb/s / Cinema DTS
  AUDIO 3 : English / AC-3 / 5.1ch / 640kb/s / Cinema AC3
  AUDIO 4 : English / AC-3 / 2.0ch / 192kb/s / | Comm. Dr. Cornel West & Ken Wilber | |
  AUDIO 5 : English / AC-3 / 2.0ch / 192kb/s / | Comm. John Powers & David Thomson |
  AUDIO 6 : English / AC-3 / 2.0ch / 192kb/s / | Cast & Crew.By.Carrie-Anne Moss. Z.S.&.J.G |
  AUDIO 7 : English / AC-3 / 2.0ch / 192kb/s / | Comm. Composer Don Davis-Music Only |

  SUBTITLE 1 : Spanish / UTF-8 / Español
  SUBTITLE 2 : English / UTF-8 / English

You can find it on Blutopia.
It was my first upload there, so I hope everything is fine.

I forgot Blush : big thanks to TomArrow, BDGeek, and pipefan413 for the Cinema DTS track.
Nice. A bit sad you didn't include the Cinema DTS in lossless form. Any chance you could share a FLAC for muxing?
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(2020-09-08, 03:04 PM)TomArrow Wrote: Nice. A bit sad you didn't include the Cinema DTS in lossless form. Any chance you could share a FLAC for muxing?

I got a single DTS file from another user (the one included). The link you kindly sent me had 7 files (7 files, 7 reels). I could transcode them to wav, but then besweet failed to split them in a separate track for each channel. I don't know how to merge/join multichannel audio files.
Foobar says the .aud files are lossy anyway.

BTW, I recommend the atmos track. The Cinema audio is mastered too bright. It's clearly intended to be heard in theaters, not in your living room. As an extra option, it's fine, but just that.

Edit: The torrent is still pending moderation. I hope it's available soon.
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Nice job! Ok
Thanks given by:
The .aud files transcoded to wav need to be synced by hand. They have a bit of silence at the start and end. They are lossy, but not lossy the way DTS (the home system) is. The home system cuts off frequencies, the Cinema DTS doesn't, so saving as DTS automatically degrades the audio. About it being too bright ... eh, I like it. Keep in mind that audio processors in cinemas do some EQing themselves.
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Hi Sanjuro_61!

For the Cinema DTS, did you use the core from the track I sent you?
It was enconded in DTS-HD MA to avoid the lossy downgrade Tom Arrow mentioned.

BTW is the Cinema AC-3 also a re-encode?
I believe Cinema AC-3 was 320kbps encoded.

Congratulations, fantastic looking project by the caps!

ps: I also have the LD AC-3 and PCM courtesy of Zoiberg. Awesome tracks! If he's ok with it, I could share them too for the project.
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Yes, that's the one I used.
The Cinema AC-3 is a reencode indeed. I gave it the maximum bitrate eac3to allows (640kbit/s). I added it to the project for compatibility reasons .

Edit: torrent still pending moderation. How long does it usually take to be green flagged?
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(2020-09-08, 05:02 PM)TomArrow Wrote: The home system cuts off frequencies, the Cinema DTS doesn't

They are different, sure, still a full bitrate DTS Coherent Acoustic encoding does not cut off frequencies, while half bitrate does!

(2020-09-08, 08:37 PM)sanjuro_61 Wrote: Edit: torrent still pending moderation. How long does it usually take to be green flagged?

Most probably there is a problem in the .torrent and/or the something tracker related... I remember I got the same issue at first, only to discover that some settings were wrong! I'd give a look at blutopia FAQ and if you can't find out a solution, just post on its forum - some users are quite helpful.
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It's live but with no seeder.
Thanks given by:
AVAILABLE!    Big Grin
Thanks given by: Hitcher , Kynch

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