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Wicked, Wicked (1974) IB Technicolor Print (Released)
Hey guys, I am current looking to share my very rare wicked wicked (35mm Scan).. This a very rare print & I have not given this out to anyone...I am actually looking for only trades. They have to be titles that are not common i am willing to trade with up to 10 guys/girls and we all promise to not sure or leak each others trades...  

As for the scan. I am a film programmer at the Kingsway cinema & show 35mm films only. Rare bits I love I get scanned so i can preserve them properly. This one of the many titles I have. 

Wicked Wicked (1975) (Dual Screen) (Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avery did a whole show about this film) This also a regular only at the new beverly & us.. Print is prestine.. 

We scanned this at 2k 
Encoded at H264
Soundtrack - Mono 

Trust me u dont want to miss out.. Big Grin Big love Here are examples in this wetransfer.. https://we.tl/t-av7eriJNKq
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Shocked people are not all over it haha.
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Honestly I hadn’t heard of the movie before this and just looked up the trailer. Interesting looking flick. Is this uncut?
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