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[Released] Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - Reconstructed TC

Hi guys.
It's been quite a while. Hope you all doing fine. Things can get quite ugly with this virus. Sad

So, this is a reconstruction of the Theatrical Cut, based on the recently released TC on BluRay using the Extended Version BD by Warner as sorurce for the best quality.
What this movie clearly needs is a fresh new scan (from the OCN, not a lesser IP from 20 years ago).

For the missing footage (that is, footage included in the TC only) I used that German BD recently released.
If you have seen it (or just took a look at the pics in capsaholic), then you know it's not exactly the best release ever. It looks pretty bad actually, with a layer of what looks like artifacts (encoding?, scanning?... Dog knows). I applied some gentle DNR (virtualdub + Neat Video) to get rid of that "layer", and then, in Da Vinci Resolve, regrain it so it resembles the grain of the Extended Version BD (not an easy task since the EV has more than one layer of grain, and lacks the detail that more modern scans have, meaning, it's actually a blurred layer of grain).
Needless to say, the inserted footage is graded accordingly to match the colors of the Extended BD (colormatching tool by Dre to create a LUT is a must here). Results are quite nice, and you probably won't notice any change of quality during playback. Missing frames have reinserted as well.

I also did a quick regrade of the whole film. Mainly to get rid of the green tint that is present on many shots in the EV BD. Some weird looking shots have also been corrected. Regarding the colors, I don't know how accurate are the blurays. The TC seems to be less tweaked, but looks dull and a bit reddish. Like I said earlier, this needs a freshly new scan. Til then, this is the best way to enjoy the Theatrical Cut we all saw in theaters or when we were kids (it's now kind of a guilty pleasure, isn't it?).

Hope you like it.

· Regraded with Da Vinci Resolve, reencoded using Hybrid. x264 @ CRF 14,7

· Audio: English original 2.0
                          DTS-HD MA 5.1

· Subtitles: Spanish

Gallery / 46 pics

[Image: 01.png][Image: 04.png][Image: 07.png][Image: 08.png]

[Image: 11.png][Image: 13.png][Image: 16.png][Image: 20.png]

[Image: 23.png][Image: 25.png][Image: 27.png][Image: 34.png]

[Image: 29.png][Image: 41.png][Image: 44.png][Image: 45.png]

 Cool Seems like guest users are allowed to download again from demonoid (dot is). Smile
Thanks given by: PDB , Hitcher , Doctor M , Inq81 , nat
It's easy enough to tell that the German disc's video is meh, how does the lossless audio track compare the the original (DVD?) 2.0 audio?
Btw, thanks for this. A good version has been long overdue.
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(2021-06-22, 06:54 AM)Doctor M Wrote: It's easy enough to tell that the German disc's video is meh, how does the lossless audio track compare the the original (DVD?) 2.0 audio?
Btw, thanks for this.  A good version has been long overdue.

No english 2.0. Only 5.1.
The audio IS from the DVD (syn'ed, of course).
Thanks given by:
Oh, you mean it's a 5.1 track created from the DVD and BD track. Got it. I completely misread that and thought you had 2 tracks on your release.
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(2021-06-22, 07:24 PM)Doctor M Wrote: Oh, you mean it's a 5.1 track created from the DVD and BD track.  Got it.  I completely misread that and thought you had 2 tracks on your release.

There are 2 tracks included:
The theatrical version on the German BluRay has only 5.1 english audio (it is included).
The original 2.0 that is also included, is from the DVD.
Thanks given by:
Slow to grab, but skipping around it looks good. I'll try to get to it later this week.

Poking around I noticed that the lossless audio track has only 770mb of supplementary data added to the DTS core.
It's not scientific, but I usually take that to mean the source track is pretty flat and over-filtered. Considering how the video was, that's probably true.
If I get a chance I'll probably run a spectrum analysis versus the DVD. I wouldn't be surprised if there was little difference.

Anyway, thank you so much for this. A project that has long been needed, even if the source material didn't exist(?)
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What is the Aussie BD like as I have heard it's quite bad.
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[Image: Robin-Hood-Prince-of-Thieves-1991-1080p-...ms-ac3.png]

Lossless (don't know why Spek has the timeline wrong):
[Image: Robin-Hood-Lossless-dts.png]

DTS Core:
[Image: Robin-Hood-Core-dts.png]

The three things I get from this are:
The DTS core and lossless tracks are near identical (as I predicted).
The DVD track seems to hit the same top frequencies, so the master may have already had the high frequencies clipped/filtered before they created the DTS tracks.
The DVD track may have DRC... or just be louder (hard to tell).

Doing side by side listening, the BD track sounds over filtered and soft with the DVD having some nice sharp high frequencies. (* see edit)

I hate to say it, but I think the DVD is my preferred track. Thanks for taking the time to sync it sanjuro_61. I probably wouldn't have even thought to.

Anyone able to better evaluate spectrograms? I'm admittedly pretty weak on it.

Edit: Listen to this tonight on my full home theater system so the DVD track could get the DPL treatment. Under those conditions, yeah, the BD track does shine a bit brighter. It's not a huge difference, but I was able to tell which track I was listening to even if I wasn't paying attention to which was turned on.
Thanks given by:
I finally started to watch this tonight and immediately came back to read the details of the reconstruction because the grain is pretty well scrubbed out. Obviously better than a DVD upscale, but what were they thinking with the extended cut scan?
Thanks given by:
Hi guys, I'm very interested in this job, I've been trying to do something similar for years. I try to access it but there is no one who has it complete, could someone help me?

Thank you very much in advance Smile
Thanks given by:

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