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Copkiller 1983 Extended And Regraded
[Image: Pdan8nU.png]

[Image: GSvB7J2.png]

This extended composite version of the movie Copkiller uses the blu ray and additional footage from two different TV broadcasts.

This version combines the official blu ray put out by Code Red with the extra footage from the Italian TV Version and one scene from the Hungarian TV Version. Initially I identified everything that was extra, then slowed it down to 23.976 fps, upscaled it to 1080p and ran it through some filters to reduce noise and remove some dirt and dust that was present.
These extra scenes (14 minutes in total) were then inserted into the Code Red blu ray, and the volume was adjusted so it isn’t too distracting when it switches between the different sources. Please bear in mind however, the additional footage is 4:3. Two people then helped me out by subtitling the extra scenes into English.

At the point it become apparent just how bad the transfer on the Code Red blu ray is. The colours look way off when compared to every other version, everything has this magenta filter over the top of it and black is never black. So I picked up a UK DVD of the movie and decided to regrade all the footage. All in all I used about a 100 different LUTs and this part of the process took a couple of weeks. It’s far from perfect, the Code Red scan itself has a lot of problems and the UK DVD wasn’t a great transfer, but I feel it’s a hell of a lot better than it was.

The Code Red blu ray also suffers with very bad sibilance, that’s the distortion you here sometimes when someone pronounces an S. This is actually the worse I have ever heard it so I ran the audio through a de-esser to try and remove some of it. Again it’s not perfect, if you take too much out it cuts part of the audio you don’t want to touch so it’s better to not take too much.

In terms of setup there are three options:
  • English audio with subtitles during the Italian and Hungarian scenes
  • Hungarian audio with no subtitles
  • Italian Audio with subtitles during the Hungarian scene
I also ported over the Trailer and Leonard Mann interview from the Code Red Blu Ray. The blu ray has a menu, background video, pop up menu and can resume. I’ve also made a cover and some disc artwork, full res version available upon request.

You will see on the cover I list the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone as a special feature and I’ve made artwork for the CD. At the moment I don’t have it, there is a very expensive CD or a German vinyl. If anyone has either of these please get in touch. If I still don’t have it after a month or so I might buy the vinyl and transfer it – but if anyone has the CD that would be great.

Massive thanks to everyone involved.

Here are some screenshots before and after the colour correction, before is first after is second: 

[Image: vbv4iN2.png]
[Image: QOjscFu.png]

[Image: t36g7Aa.png]
[Image: mZvj0ix.png]

And the movie itself:

[Image: dqO4ETs.png]
[Image: v8MNYnI.png]
[Image: Add16xN.png]
[Image: DndVxtY.png]
[Image: D9jmL5A.png]
[Image: iGEoKvi.png]
[Image: 7t8C9EM.png]
Thanks given by: Hitcher , Inq81 , Wilcomp
Hi Alleycat,

Thanks for this unusual movie, I made a french translation a few years ago from the italian tvrip, arranged it for the BR version, and replaced the final country music with Order of Death from Public Image LTD (much more appropriate). Smile A rather interesting movie (although not very memorable), with pre-Bad Lieutenant aspects and a unique performance for John Lydon/Rotten.
Thanks given by: alleycat
Awesome, was the french VHS the complete version? I used to have this on Pal UK VHS I think.
Thanks given by: alleycat
I had the french vhs for a while because I wanted to add the french track on my repack but I think it wasn't the complete version.
Thanks given by: alleycat
@alleycat I can adapt my french subtitles for your version if you're interested. Smile It was based on the italian tvrip synchronized with the english audio.
Thanks given by: alleycat

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