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Bond 50 Blu-ray set - original audio mixes
So the Region A / US "Bond 50" Blu-ray set contains "original mixes" on the older movies as Dolby Digital tracks.

Now I know there are few which are actually fold-downs of 5.1 remixes. Moonraker comes to mind.

Can anyone confirm exactly which of the earlier movies contain true original mono/stereo mixes?
Thanks given by: pipefan413
Don't bother they're all crappy compressed blah sounding DD tracks.

There's not one to be saved from there, and in fact, it seems the one on the DVDs were better!
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Most of the ultimate edition dvds have the old tracks from the first dvds and they arnt as denoised.

but daf sounds better in the bluray Mono.

The moonraker track I posted earlier was off the ultimate edition and isn't found on the blurays or the older DVD versions and might even be better than the laserdisc.

The ac3 on spy who loved me bluray is very good I can't see it being improved much

I read somewhere the only definitive Mono for thunderball is on an older laserdisc

Avtak ac3 has better bass than the laserdisc and the 5.1 but sounds flat

As I said earlier The only ones I'm not sure of are octopussy and fyeo. The old dvd of octopussy has the original mix
Thanks given by: pipefan413
Yah, I should really get hold of some LD tracks and mux them up. But sometimes I just wanna pull out a disc and press play.

Its annoying even the earlier DVDs were better in terms of sound. Still, for casual viewing I'll take what's on the BDs over remixes.
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