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Convert DTS/DD to Dolby Headphone??
Hello all!

Is it possible to convert a discrete DTS/DD audio track to a Dolby Headphone track? Dolby Surround to Dolby Headphone?

If so, what software would you use for such a conversion?
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Assuming you mean Dolby Digital, I'd first convert to .wav (to make sure no dynamic range control is applied), my preferred method for that is via ffmpeg with the -drc_scale 0.00000 command before the -i command. I'd also make sure to convert to 24 bit, since even tho DD is lossy, it might still have parts that justify more than 16 bits in terms of noise floor etc.

Then get foobar2000 with the Dolby Headphone plugin. You'll also need to find a fitting Dolby Headphone dll, but with a bit of googling that is doable.

Then Convert using foobar2000 and voilla.
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Interesting, what would be the difference once converted and played on a regular set up? I noticed the Artisan SE of T2 had an English Headphone Dolby Digital 2.0 surround track.
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Dolby Headphone mixes emulate a surround sound experience when wearing certain types of headphones (Higher end stereo ones like Logitech and I believe 5.1/7.1 headsets). When these mixes are played in a standard setup (regular headphones/speakers or sent to AVR as 2.0), they sound extremely phasey in my experience (T2's Headphone Dolby Digital 2.0 surround track sounded like one of those fake mono to stereo jobs and the standard 2.0 sounded wayyy better).
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DH played back normally tends to sound dull and with a narrow stereo field, and very reverb-y, since it basically, like @SpaceBlackKnight says, it's emulating a room experience on headphones, so does some high frequency removal, reverb to simulate the room and stereo crosstalk.
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Thanks, I will check out the T2 Dolby Headphone track and play with it, see how it sounds!
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I have a Dolby Demo DVD which had some promo Headphone stuff which sounded pretty good to me, I think the idea at one time was that the tech would be added to AVRs to enable real-time conversion with some control over parameters such as simulated room size etc. Unfortunately not much seemed to ever come of it, there was probably a license fee involved no-one wanted to pay.

The idea was any pair of stereo headphones could be used, your brain would convert the audio into surround as it does in real life every minute of the waking day. Pre-encoded stuff like the T2 track would sound like you were listening in a particular room but any DSP applied by your player/receiver stood to corrupt the sound. I think DTS tried to get in on the act as well, If I'm not mistaken the 2015 T2 Blu had a headphone track as well
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Really? I need to check. It might different since the 1997 version is the original cinema mix and stuff after 1999 are the remixed to near field version (that was used in cinemas when they released the 3D version which of course is a BIG MISTAKE).

EDIT what is wrong with the board? It seems my posts are corrected giving place to bad spelling everytime I post.
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testnig teh spleling

Edit: works as expected here.
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I'm pretty certain the theatrical 3D and the most recent remastered DCP use a version of the CDS mix, just with the wrong LFE level. Insane dynamic range
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