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Necronomicon (1993) R2J DVD synced to Blu-ray
Movie: Necronomicon (1993)
Format: R2J Pioneer DVD (Japan)
Input soundtrack: AC3 2.0 16-bit 48khz
Output soundtrack FLAC 2.0 16-bit 48khz
Synced to: Wicked Vision Blu-ray

Japanese Pioneer DVD synced to German Wicked Vision Blu-ray. Probably syncs to the French BD too since they appear to be exactly the same length (caps-a-holic shows better detail/video compression on the FR though).

This had a Dolby Stereo mix on it's theatrical release. Every other DVD and BD has 5.1 only.

Although what's more disturbing, is on the Wicked Vision Blu-ray the dialogue and foleys are in the correct pitch but the music is not. Pitched down slightly to my ears. I noticed this while syncing the stereo track. I managed to get hold of the score and the Pioneer DVD is at the correct pitch.

The Pioneer DVD is probably a port of one of the JP LaserDiscs. If anyone has that or any of the other LDs, would be much better since they have PCM tracks.
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