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Batman: The Animated Series (1992) select DVD tracks synced to BD
Formats: English AC-3 2.0ch 48kHz 192 kbps / FLAC 2.0ch 48kHz 24-bit
Source: R1 DVD English AC-3 2.0ch 192 kbps

I was about to start a Batman TAS Blu-ray rewatch, but then I remembered that there were audio noise reduction problems in the following episodes:
•S01E31 - The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
•S02E04 - Avatar
•S02E05 - House & Garden
•S02E07 - Harlequinade

Particularly 'The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy' suffers strongly from that unmistakable "underwater" sound. The DVD tracks do not suffer from excessive noise reduction.

I synced the R1 DVD tracks of the four episodes to the BD. AviSynth (TIVTC) & VirtualDub2 was used for visual aid. The AC-3 version was synced without transcoding by inserting silent AC-3 frames, but it's less precisely timed than the FLAC version because of the 32ms frame duration. DialNorm was removed via eac3to.
From Blu-ray.com:

Quote:In addition to the four episodes with glaringly defective audio, there is a fifth episode from TNBA "Torch Song" where the audio is noticeably poor but not quite as bad as the other four.
Thanks given by: captainsolo
Yeah that’s from my list of findings. I did my big video review and found many issues with the opening and end credits on various episodes too.

If there’s any way to capture streaming audio apparently WB quietly fixed the episode audio and also the end credits of Adventures of Batman and Robin episodes that mistakenly used the original BTAS end credit music.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
Thanks given by:
There is a HBO Max WEB-DL with a AC-3 2.0 384kbps track. Dunno if it uses updated audio. Grabbing season 2 now. Will check tomorrow.
Thanks given by: dwalkerdon
The season 2 WEB-DL uses the updated audio tracks. Start delay doesn't work because of small differences in the amount of black frames between the chapters.

Anyway, I'm putting Avatar, House & Garden, Harlequinade WEB-DLs in a folder. Grabbing the rest & TNBA when there's freeleech.
Thanks given by: captainsolo
Oh awesome! At least the official fixed version is now out there somewhere even if it isn’t lossless audio.
Torch Song also sounds pretty bad. Other that that the other addressed major problem is the B&R end credits with BTAS end theme music on select episodes.

I’m sure they didn’t fix all the mixes and issues in the opening titles on various episodes.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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Here’s my video with complete list of issues in the comments section:
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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iirc Fear of Victory has a gamma shift in one scene. I'll check later.
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I found this thread after watching captainsolo's review. Thank you, captainsolo, for bringing these issues to light and thank you, Scavenger, for providing a solution!
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If anyone has the NTSC DVD, I can sync it on BD.
I would also like the French audio of these DVD which also suffers from poor quality on Blu-Ray
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