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[Idea] The Matrix Resurrection (partly open matte)
Watching it, I thought "IF it will get no open matte version, why don't we replace the flashbacks with the open matte version?"
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From what I read on Imdb, the IMAX version is 1.90:1 and they don't add "on some scenes", so fully 1.90:1. It will probably pop up at some point on HBO Max when they get on board the IMAX Enhanced train. I don't see the point of a partial open version just on the quick flashbacks.
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(2021-12-29, 12:35 AM)Beber Wrote: I don't see the point of a partial open version just on the quick flashbacks.

(2021-12-29, 12:17 AM)spoRv Wrote: IF it will get no open matte version

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I got the "if" part, but even so, the flashbacks are too quick, as many as they are, to bother doing such a thing.
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Wait - who would want to watch The Matrix Resurrections a second time? Huh
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Quite a lot of people like it, so us?
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That was just a joke, to each their own.
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