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[Request] Dead & Buried (1981) AVCO Embassy Pictures logo
Does anyone have a copy of this film with the AVCO Embassy Pictures logo? Laserdisc, VHS or DVD.
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I'm guessing it's not on the UHD? What about the latest releases of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and THE HOWLING, two other Avco releases from the same year (though EFNY was in a different aspect ratio)?
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Avco Embassy only had US distribution rights, so their logo would only appear on release prints and definitely not on the OCN or the IP (of which most home video versions are derived from).

Escape From New York has no logo whatsoever on most home video releases, however, the StudioCanal and Shout 4k UHDs of The Howling have exactly what you seek.
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I think I have a bunch of EFNY french videos of the early releases, I'll check to see what logo they had, I remember they had the same as Blade Runner re Embassy.
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