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Dawn of the Dead Japanese Blu Ray
I don't suppose anyone has this new and very limited blu ray do they?


It is supposed to contain a HD scan of the Japanese theatrical version with the explained opening.
Thanks given by: ReconWorld
Sadly, it is not in my collection. Sad

And I do not think that Ill try to track it down, I already have many releases of that movie, and at the moment I am just waiting for the UK and German UHD releases.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Thanks given by: alleycat
The Second Sight release has been pushed back slightly to later in the year due to production delays.
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(2020-09-09, 06:24 PM)zoidberg Wrote: The Second Sight release has been pushed back slightly to later in the year due to production delays.

I know. Booooooo-urns.
Thanks given by: nafroe
Wait are you saying boo or boo-urns?
Thanks given by: pipefan413
Great Boo's down.

EDIT: Unfortunately, I can't locate this. There are so many releases of this film!
Thanks given by: alleycat
I believe this is a recreation of the Japanese theatrical version as no film materials were available.
Thanks given by: alleycat , ReconWorld
I wish I could tell what the crowdfunding site was. A different listing said it was a "Not for sale. Crowdfunding limited edition." I wish it wasn't so expensive...

Thanks given by: alleycat
Maybe, if someone can read japanese, here might be some infos:

and this seems to be the crowdfunding:
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Thanks given by: alleycat , rickstaman05
An excerpt of a post from a facebook friend who worked on the release:

Quote:This is a not-for-sale release for people who crowdfunded the release of the film at the end of
last year. Also included is a DVD of the stage presentation held when actors Gaylen Ross and
Ken Foree were here for the first screening. (The Blu-ray also includes the crowdfunding message from
Ken and a special message from actor Scott Reininger shown during that first screening.)

The Blu-ray looks great and is a recreation of the original release version of DAWN in Japanese
theaters in 1979. The opening had to be recreated by CG as no prints remain. The subtitles in the
film are the original set of subs, but I had to re-write the opening English text trying my best to
recreate what I could see from a 4th generation VHS handicam version shot in a theater in '79.
(Unfortunately, the company here mixed up a "." and ","  on this release.)
Thanks given by: alleycat

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