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Looking for Video Editing Software Suggestions
I'm thinking about starting an HD project. Up until now I've pretty much worked with Womble MPEG Video Wizard or complicated avisynth scripts.

I was thinking about Premier, but my PC is pretty out of date so I'd need an old version. I saw someone recommending VSDC Free Video Editor as a preference for older PCs.

Anyone familiar with it and have an opinion? I'm open to other suggestions. My PC is a cobbled together thing still running Win7.
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The best no frills free software is Shotcut. That’s what I use on my super old pc for my videos. It’s basic but has a lot of features and best of all doesn’t limit your exports.
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Shotcut or Shortcut?
Edit: Okay, apparently SHOTcut is the name of a free video editor.
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Edit: Long story short, not good software for editing outside of youtube videos.
If you're restoring and need to deal with full movies and frame accurate cuts, this is not good.
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Okay. After testing a few options, VSDC seems to be best for frame accuracy and not choking my old computer to death.
I am open to better options if there are any.
I didn't realize I knew so little about HD editing. I suppose I need to output to a lossless format (Lagarith(?)) and then send that to an encoder that can do Blu-ray format x264?

Ugh. Anyone have a guide or link to a discussion somewhere for beginner editing?

Btw, what I'm working on is a blu-ray restoration of The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, extended cut.
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Use Davinci Resolve. It's free and very good.
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DaVinci seems to be for freeware the Rolls Royce, the Ferrari, etc., but if you want a program taking a smaller amount of space not being a behemoth then check out kdenlive. (I, too, did piles of fan editing on little ol' Womble.) Kdenlive even comes in a standalone/"portable" flavor so you can have a good look at it without even installing it in your system (such that if you don't like the program after all you don't have to worry about an uninstall not getting everything).

For those reading this who last tried kden a few years ago and thought it was terrible, it's come a long way. Surely not at DaVinci's level, but again if ya want a smaller program that's really powerful and relatively intuitive

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