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Blade Runner International Cut 2160p Upscale + Regrade
[Image: FePS4CF.jpg]

Originally from this thread:

I still love the colors from my Criterion regrade but the project is now 7 years old is showing its age. It has a few minor problems including and most annoying, an inconsistent black level. So I tried to quickly update this project with the techniques I've learned in the intervening years. I overlaid the original project over the original IC BD and glued on roughly 30% of the original luma to even out the up-and-down levels of the original project. I then did some work with curves, contrast, etc to fix the black level and try to eliminate the flat look of the original. I then added a tiny bit of my CRT LUT, grain and upscaled the whole thing so I could test some 4K encoding and rendering. Not perfect and not as good as a start-over but better then the original. Kind of a testbed for me to figure out some things.

The original Criterion regrade project with numerous fixes and upscaled to 2160p

1. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (edited from the P&S laserdisc)
2. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the Criterion laserdisc) (Default)
3. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (edited from the Warner Bros DC without narration)
4. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the BD's Dolby Digital 2.0)
5. Dolby Digital 5.1 (from the BD)



Final MKV
[Image: 0fEjLCL.jpg]

More Pics
[Image: ubPdV5e.jpg]
[Image: S4K33I9.jpg]
[Image: bckq8mR.jpg]
[Image: 0NuivyJ.jpg]

Coming Soon
Looking forward to it!
Thanks given by: PDB
Looks fantastic! Thanks @PDB
Thanks given by: PDB
Looks Awesome!
Thanks given by: PDB

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