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Hitchcock's Blackmail [with proper AR] (Sound Version)
Hitchcock's talkie version of Blackmail, released by Kino on BD, was a complete disaster.
Kino released not only one, but two falty version of the talkie on the same package. Instead of the original 1:20:1 aspect ratio, Disc One had the picture at 1:12:1 (vertically stretched), while Disc Two presented it at 1.33:1 version and horizontally stretched. Apparently the black bars are also not totally black, presenting a RGB value of R3 B3 G3 instead of 0 (zero), but I don't know if it also affected the movie's colors.
Is anyone interested in fixing this mistake?

Ps: Looks like Prime Video (https://is.gd/dfWZij) and Vudu (https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/deta...ail/561471) have the movie in HD and proper aspect ratio (although probably a lower bitrate).

Sources: https://www.brentonfilm.com/alfred-hitch...929-part-2
Thanks given by:
WEB-DL: https://i.imgur.com/pgiQ0cZ.png
Thanks given by: jolennon

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