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Suspiria - R-Rated US theatrical version in HD
Suspiria was released in the US by Fox (through sub-division International Classics) in a trimmed down R-rated version with alternate credits, and possibly some other alternate footage that hasn't been documented yet. I am aware that the awesome Synapse BD and UHD have the US credits (complete with International Classics logo) as a bonus, but I don't think the full R-rated US version has ever been made available on video. This version has only ever aired on TV, with the last US airing being around 2012 (?) 

A Canadian channel called Hollywood Suite have Suspiria in HD and appears to be the US version. It's also on the Hollywood Suite channel on Amazon Prime Video Canada

Unfortunately, I don't have access to Canadian Prime and they're known to block VPNs anyway. If anyone from Canada uses Prime Video and can check to see which version of Suspiria it is and if it's in HD, that would be great!
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon , Stamper , ReconWorld
Any takers from Canada?
Thanks given by:

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