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[Help] Pokemon The First Movie-US Theatrical Version HD Reconstruction
Hey Everyone, 

I Am in the Progress of doing an HD Reconstruction of the US Theatrical version of Pokemon The First Movie; As according to the WB DVD Release. It is the Only release that i know of that includes the Full Theatrical Version of the film, Having Pikachu's Vacation before the Film. However, that DVD is in 4:3 Full screen and not in the proper Widescreen aspect ratio. The US Blu-Ray from Viz has the proper aspect ratio for the Movie, but it does not have Pikachu's Vacation. So, I decided to do a reconstruction of the Full US Theatrical Cut using the Video From the Viz Release, With SD inserts from the DVD when necessary mainly for the Pikachu's Vacation short due to there not being an existence of an HD Version of the Short to my knowledge. The only thing I am replacing is the Kids WB, Nintendo and 4kids Logos that appear before the start of the Movie, Since those don't have any HD Versions; Those will be replaced with the Period appropriate WB Logo.

Now, The Biggest question i have is the Aspect Ratio for Pikachu's Vacation. Was it animated in Widescreen, Or was it Animated in 4:3 and Cropped to Widescreen when it was shown Theatrically? I Want this to be as Theatrically accurate as i can make it except for the Logos as i mentioned.

I also do want to add the Dolby Digital 5.1 Track that was on WB's DVD, but Syncing audio is not my expertise. 

Any Help/Advice would be appreciated
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Is the rest of the movie 4:3 open matte or cropped/P&S? I'd assume the short would be the same.
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