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[Released] Ghost in the Shell (1995) - Spanish (Mexico) Dub1 (1998) (HBO Olé TV)
Contact us for a copy, PM or: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.

For many years, this screenshot was never available on the internet, and today we are happy to share it with you.

In 1 video found on Youtube, a 7-minute excerpt from user Bolt could be found & in the comments, user J.S. Registro Audiovisual mentioned that he had this capture, however for a few years there was no answer if he actually had it and if he was going to share it.

We tried to contact him, until he answered us and gave us the capture he had, credits and thanks to him.

This quality is superior to the VHS collection of Gold from Argentina.

As always, our great SrQesito made a considerable improvement of the audio, in the MKV the audio of the restoration is attached (also converted to Mono, because the stereo capture is false) & the original audio of the capture. For our final version, the capture noise will be reduced by default.

Creating definitive collections for the preservation of: Animes, Cartoons, Movies.

Contact us: metahades1889@gmail.com | https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.
Thanks given by:

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